APA Affordable Housing Resources

In 2011, APA, the APA New Jersey Chapter, New Jersey Future, and the Housing and Community Development Network of New Jersey jointly submitted a brief to the New Jersey Supreme Court in the case In the Matter of the Adoption of N.J.A.C. 5:96 and 5:97. The brief supported revision of the state’s proposed rules for allocation of affordable housing to ensure that municipalities provide their fair share of housing opportunity.

Below are some APA resources on affordable housing. Some of these online resources require login by members or subscribers.

American Planning Association. 2009. Inclusionary Housing. Planning Advisory Service Essential Info Packet EIP-07. Available at www.planning.org/pas/infopackets/

  • A primer on inclusionary housing policies.

American Planning Association. 2006. Housing. Policy Guide. Available at www.planning.org/policy/guides/adopted/housing.htm.

  • APA's policy guide on housing includes a number of policy positions and initiatives aimed at increasing housing quality and choice for all members of society.

Brunick, Nicholas. 2007. "Case Studies in Inclusionary Housing." Zoning Practice, March. Available at www.planning.org/zoningpractice/2007/pdf/mar.pdf

  • Looks at different programs Chicago has tried and compares them to what's worked in other cities.

________. 2004. "Inclusionary Housing: Proven Success in Large Cities." Zoning Practice, October. Available at www.planning.org/zoningpractice/2004/pdf/oct.pdf

  • Looks at successful IZ programs in larger cities, and offers suggestions for smaller communities.

________. 2004. "The Inclusionary Housing Debate: The Effectiveness of Mandatory Programs Over Voluntary Programs." Zoning Practice, September. Available at www.planning.org/zoningpractice/2004/pdf/sep.pdf

  • Argues that mandatory IZ programs are more successful than voluntary ones for several reasons.

Daniels, Thomas L. 2012. "Zoning for Accessory Housing." Zoning Practice, July. Available at www.planning.org/zoningpractice/previous.htm

Goetz, Edward G. 2008. "Words Matter: The Importance of Issue Framing and the Case of Affordable Housing." Journal of the American Planning Association 74(2): 222-229. Available at http://dx.doi.org/10.1080/01944360802010251

Herst, Neal R. 2008. "Affordable Housing Solutions: The Local Government Perspective." Practicing Planner 6(4). Available at www.planning.org/practicingplanner/2008/win/essentials01.htm

  • Herst argues that although local governments are not always able to exert much control over housing markets, a number of steps can be taken to modernize regulations and facilitate the development of affordable units.

Hoch, Charles. 2007. "How Plan Mandates Work: Affordable Housing in Illinois." Journal of the American Planning Association 73(1): 86-99. Available at http://dx.doi.org/10.1080/01944360708976138

Lubell, Jeffrey. 2006. "Zoning to Expand Affordable Housing." Zoning Practice, December. Available at www.planning.org/zoningpractice/2006/pdf/dec.pdf

  • How to increase housing opportunities for working families.

Mallach, Alan. 2009. "The Case for Affordable Housing: An excerpt from a new Planners Press book sets out strategies for The Future." Planning, March. Available at www.planning.org/planning/2009/mar/affordablehousing.htm

Morris, Marya, ed. 2009. "Model Affordable Housing Density Bonus Ordinance." In Smart Codes. PAS Report 556. Chicago: American Planning Association. www.planning.org//store/product/?ProductCode=BOOK_P556

  • Model code with commentary; includes fee in-lieu of housing units option.

Palm, Kristin. 2005. "Affordable Housing in an Unaffordable Region." Planning, January. Available at www.planning.org/planning/2005/jan/affordable.htm.

  • Describes the approaches used by a developer of affordable housing in San Francisco.

Ross, Lynn. 2006. "Employer Assisted Housing: An Old Concept Gaining New Momentum." PAS Memo. Available at www.planning.org/pas/memo/2006/jul/