Community Planning Workshops

As part of the Community Assistance Program, the American Institute of Certified Planners sponsors a one-day workshop at each annual APA National Planning Conference.

The workshops are designed to address a local planning issue in a community of the conference host city. Projects are selected to ensure that the community benefits from a focused, one-day effort involving community members, local planning staff, and APA volunteers from all over the United States. The effort assists a community that does not have all the resources it needs to engage in the community planning process.

Workshop planners prepare a program that is intended to:

  • Serve as a legacy of the National Planning Conference for the host city.
  • Highlight the capabilities of the planning profession.
  • Visibly demonstrate planning to the public.
  • Provide training on public consensus building and hone skills in community participation and problem solving.

Broad Street / Garnett MARTA Station Area

Atlanta • April 26, 2014

CM | 4.0

Broad Street businessesThe 2014 AICP Community Planning Workshop will focus on community revitalization of the Broad Street corridor, which connects the MARTA Five Points Station and Garnett Street Station in the historic heart of downtown Atlanta.

The goals of the workshop are to identify specific obstacles to implementing the community's vision and establish a realistic set of "first steps" that will spur community confidence and lead to revitalization.

To meet these goals, the workshop will cover:

  • Strategies to Address Quality of Life Issues (public safety/homeless)
  • Pop-Up Community: Tactical Urbanism
  • Investments in the Public Realm: Connectivity and Aesthetics

Planner participants will learn about the area's past present and future, including:

  • The rich history and legacy of this part of downtown, a thriving business center in post-war Atlanta
  • The physical and social quality of life issues facing the area
  • The visionary plans of Central Atlanta Progress to redevelop the area into a bustling urban center with improved infrastructure, connected green space, and public–private partnerships

Community Planning Workshop Briefing Booklet (pdf)

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