2013 National Conference Presentations

Because of high interest, APA is making available many of the PowerPoint presentations from the 2013 National Planning Conference.

To minimize download time, many of these presentations have been optimized for quicker download and reduced file size, and require a minimum of Adobe Acrobat 9.0 or newer. If the files will not open on your machine, visit www.adobe.com to download a newer version of Acrobat Reader.

This is a complete list of the presentations that APA will be sharing. If a presentation is not listed on this page, APA does not have permission to post it.


Workshop: Advanced Environmental Planning 3 (W403)

Sustainability Implications for Planning Urban Transportation (W404)

Workshop: Promoting Community Health in Planning Decisions (W405)

Workshop: Urban Design Tools for Planners (W407)

Workshop: Planning and Zoning for Solar Energy (W450)

Climate Action Planning and City Form (S400)

Community Champions and Empty City Coffers (S401)

Game-Changing Perspectives on Planning (S402)

Mixing It up with Nonconforming Uses (S403)

Sustainable Practices for Quebec City's Riverfront (S406)

Sustainable Street Networks Principles (S407)

Capstone Presentations 1 (S408)

Defensible, Ethical Decision Making (S410)

Improving Transit Access for Pedestrians and Bicyclists (S411)

Planning for Freight Movement (S413)

Saving Jobs and Energy in a Changing Region (S415)

Urban Street Character Typologies Reconsidered (S416)

Capstone Presentations 2 (S417)

Olympic Cities Roundtable (S418)

Complete Streets Implementation (S419)

Form-Based Approach to Parking (S420)

How to Conduct a Planning Commission Meeting (S421)

Improving Port Communities (S422)

Linking Transportation Funding to Focused Development (S423)

Multimodal Regions, Centers, and Corridors (S424)

What Is a Suburban Planner to Do? (S425)

Facilitated Discussion: Redefining Rural (S800)

Introducing New Density to the Neighborhood (S427)

Legal Framework for the Planning Commission (S428)

Neighborhood-based Transportation Plans (S429)

Planning for Oil and Gas Development (S431)

Safe Streets, Healthy Streets (S432)

The City and the Spirit Garden (S433)

Subways Vs. Light Rail and Rapid Bus Lines – The Where, When and How Much of High Order Transit (S696)

Community-Scale Energy Planning (S435)

Connecting Transit to Suburban Employment Centers (S436)

Preparing For Change: Creating Resilient Communities (S439) Re-imagining City Civic Areas (S440)

Web-Based Fiscal Impact Modeling (S441)

Facilitated Discussion: Can Planners "Create" Jobs? (S806)


It's Getting Hot in Here (S442)

Space-in-Between Placemaking (S443)

Building the Ideal Planning Department (S444)

From Vision to Viability (S445)

How Zoning Regulations Affect Urban Form (S446)

Jobs, Jobs, Jobs: Planning and Economic Development (S447)

Marketing Yourself Online for Career Success (S448)

Reinventing Neighborhoods with Transportation Investment (S449)

Social Media and Mobile Apps for Civic Engagement (S450)

Reinventing the Post Industrial City (S452)

Understanding the Role of Affordable Housing Policy (S453)

Walkable Streets for Seniors (S454)

Zoning for Creating Competitive Cities (S455)

Facilitated Discussion: Parking as a Planning Tool (S802)

Tech Showcase: Geodesign Strategies for Urban Planning (S200)

Facilitated Discussion: Planning Consulting Firms Surviving the Recession (S852)

Capstone Presentations 3 (S456)

Airports, Planning, and Economic Development (S457)

Community Livability and Diversity (S460)

Conceptualizing the Digital City (S461)

GO TO 2040: Two Years Later (S463)

Making the Case for Complete Streets (S464)

Planning for Shrinking Cities and Neighborhoods (S467)

Planning Policy in the New Congress (S468)

Price-Managed Lanes and Transportation Capacity (S469)

The Regional Geography of Employment (S471)

TOD in U.S. Latino Communities (S472)

Caribbean Sea-Level Rise and Planning (S632)

Facilitated Discussion: Public Engagement on a Shoestring (S803)

Tech Showcase: Digitizing the Local Planning Process (S202)

Best Practices in P3s for Transportation (S474)

Building Civic Capital through Parks (S475)

Civic Hacking and You (S476)

Complete Streets Level of Service (S477)

Avoiding Risk with Disaster Resiliency Planning (S478)

Investment Ready Places (S479)

Necessary Elements for Safe, Walkable Streets (S480)

Next Generation Ethnic Economies (S481)

Rating Your Community's Sustainability Efforts (S483)

Rethinking Mandates (and Decision Trees) (S484)

Rural Planning and Protecting Character (S485)

Siting Big Infrastructure in Large Landscapes (S486)

Smart Growth Strategies for Poor Urban Communities (S487)

Transforming Closed Schools into Neighborhood Assets (S488)

Urban Agriculture and Community Development/Revitalization (S489)

Zoning for Group Homes (S490)

Facilitated Discussion: Can Planners and Engineers Really Coexist? (S804)

Facilitated Discussion: Mobilizing Sustainability Planning (S856)

Tech Showcase: DVRPC's Community Investment Index (S203)

Starting a Local Bikeshare Program (S451)

The Ethical Planning Practitioner (S492)

APA's ECPA Urban Planning Initiative (S493)

Arts and Culture in Metropolitan Chicago (S494)

Driving PEV Readiness Efforts at All Levels (S497)

Form-Based Zoning 'Heavy' (S498)

Housing and Community Development P3s (S499)

Local Fiscal Challenges and Planning Solutions (S500)

Local Policies and Healthy Living Environments (S501)

Mega-Regions: Urban Form, Transportation,and Sustainability (S502)

New Tools for Zoning and Development Visualization (S503)

Old Is the New Green (S504)

Placemaking: Where Planning, Architecture, and Circulation Meet (S505)

Does Gender Matter in Planning for Aging? (S507)

Street Access Management (S508)

Leadership in a Challenging Planning Environment (S537)

Urban Manufacturing Policy in Chicago (S545)

Facilitated Discussion: Cultivating Future Leaders (S805)

Remedy Meets Reality: Strip Malls Transformed (S405)

Planning for Climate Mitigation and Adaptation (S412)

Elevating Design through Public Involvement and Politics (S510)

Fast, Funny, and Passionate 1 (S511)

The Daniel Burnham Forum on Big Ideas: Planning in the Fourth Dimension (S513)

Implementing Transit-Oriented Development Plans (S669)


Cooperative Water Supply Planning (S514)

Broadband and Wireless Delivery (S516)

Transforming Transportation through Phones (S517)

Tech Showcase: Rethinking Community, Rethinking GIS (S204)

Applying a Health Lens to Transportation Planning (S518)

Building a Small Business Ecosystem (S519)

Can Kids Live Downtown? (S520)

Communicating Data-Driven Planning (S521)

A Landscape Approach to Green Infrastructure (S522)

How School-Assignment Policies Impact Communities (S523)

How to Start a New Consulting Firm (S524)

Planning for Local Food Production (S526)

The Street: A Quintessential Social Public Space (S528)

What's up with Planning Directors in Chicagoland? (S530)

Facilitated Discussion: Age-Friendly Communities (S807)

Facilitated Discussion: Green Infrastructure Planning at the Regional, County and Municipal Level (S858)

Facilitated Discussion: Planning to Regulate the Location of Hydrofracking (S865)

Tech Showcase: Customizable Community Assessment (S205)

Big City Planning Directors Discuss Job Creation (S495)

Ethics Case of the Year (S531) Citizen Involvement in Decision-Making for Water (S533)

Dissecting a Commercial Corridor (S534)

Effective Comprehensive Plan Implementation (S535)

Legal Context and Implementation of Green Infrastructure (S536)

Rational Planning in an Irrational World (S539)

Regional Collaboration for Healthy Communities (S540)

The New Role of Local Transportation Financing (S542)

The Rare Variance (S543)

Thinking Outside the 'Trail Box' (S544)

Facilitated Discussion: Latin American NGO Growth and Management (S808)

Facilitated Discussion: Linking Urban Design, Historic Preservation, and Public Spaces (S860)

Best Practices in Sustainable Community Planning (S546)

Big Planning in a Protracted Process (S547)

Building Accessible Rural New Gateway Communities (S548)

Downtown Pedestrian Systems (S549)

Housing for the 'Missing Middle' (S550)

Paying for It with Exactions and Impact Fees (S551)

Planning for Broadband (S553)

Cultural Identity in Haiti's Public Squares (S555)

The Value of 'Value Capture' (S557)

What's in Your 'Shed? (S560)

Addressing Development Entitlements (S561)

Food Logistics and Transportation (S563)

Implementing Smart Growth in Small Towns (S565)

Innovations in Stakeholder Engagement for Transportation (S566)

Interjurisdictional Collaboration in Metropolitan Chicago (S567)

Building Your Brand with an Effective Resume (S568)

Mashups for Planning (S569)

Paying for It through Infrastructure Finance (S570)

Planning for Post-Disaster Recovery II (S571)

The Parking Revolution (S572)

The Rebirth of Planning in Cincinnati (S573)

The Stormwater Infrastructure Spectrum (S574)

Turning Economic Development Upside Down (S575)

Inclusive Design and the Neighborhood Network (S576)

(Re)Building Local Economies through Transit (S577)

Age-Friendly Communities:Part One (S578)

Community, Relationships, and the Power of Place (S579)

Defining Rural Sustainability (S581)

Fast, Funny, and Passionate 2 (S582)

Good Fences Make Good Neighbors (S583)

Innovations from Rooftop Solar Challenge Communities (S584)

Integrated Hazard Mitigation Planning for Community Resilience (S585)

Overcoming Barriers to Cultivating Urban Agriculture (S586)

Planning and Implementing Integrated Water Management (S587)

Planning for the Deceased (S588)

Creative Youth Engagement (S590)


Annual Meeting and Leadership Honors (P007)

Ethics Case of the Year (S592)

BRT across the Nation (S593)

Embracing Industry (S594)

Fast, Funny, and Passionate 3 (S595)

From Sprawling to Thriving (S596)

Improving Site Plan Review (S600)

Quantifying Health Impacts of Community Design (S601)

More Engaging Planning (S602)

Transforming Pavement into Parks (S603)

Water Management and Urban Design (S604)

Tech Showcase: Using Photovoice in Public Outreach (S208)

Addressing the Needs of LGBT Seniors (S605)

Community-based Urban Waterfront Design (S606)

Elements of Great Neighborhoods (S607)

Employing Water Investment to Grow Urban Economies (S608)

Innovative Community Financing (S609)

Integrated Planning for Military Installations (S610)

Is the Built Environment Making Us Sick? (S611)

Moving Ahead with High Speed Rail (S613)

Open Data in the Chicago Region (S614)

Planning for Sustainable Aggregate Production (S615)

The East Link as Catalyst for Livability (S616)

Planning and Development in Today's Middle East (S465)

Perspectives on Scenario Planning (S617)

Emerging Developments in Freight Planning (S618)

Emerging Trends/The Future of Planning (S619)

EPA's Building Blocks for Sustainable Communities (S620)

Smart Codes (S621)

Historic Preservation to Assist Shrinking Cities (S622)

Making Transportation Resilient to Climate Change (S624)

Mixed-Income, Mixed-Tenure Neighborhoods that Work (S625)

Online Resources for Protecting Coastal Counties (S626)

Planning for Manufacturing and Exports (S627)

Shaping the New Metropolis (S629)

Facilitated Discussion: New Trends in Urban Planning and Development (S813)

Using Big Data in Planning Practice (S630)

Crime and Planning: Building Socially Sustainable Communities (S633)

Discovering Sustainability in Existing Plans (S634)

Equitable Tax Increment Financing (S635)

Finding Your Inner Peace as a Planner (S636)

I-LAST Rating System for Sustainable Transportation (S637)

Planning in the Shadow of Gotham (S639)

Power of Policy in Planning (S640)

Resiliency, Beyond Sustainability (S641)

Working with NGOs for Landscape Conservation (S644)

Facilitated Discussion: Export Your Planning Services (S868)

Calculating Developer Contributions: A Clinic (S434)

Creative Design for Radical Infrastructure (S648)

Development Challenges in a Changing Climate (S649)

Implementing New Urbanism Is Hard Work! (S650)

Keeping Neighborhoods Great (S652)

Participatory Budgeting and Planning (S653)

Statewide Bicycle and Pedestrian Planning Innovations (S654)

The Economics of Smart Growth (S656)

What Makes a Sustainability Program Successful? (S657)

Facilitated Discussion: Public vs. Private Practice Planning (S866)


Visualizing Change (S642)

Chicago's Millennium Park: Then and Now (S658)

Creating a Green Infrastructure Plan for Your Community (S660)

Creating an Implementable Comprehensive Plan (S661)

Improving Health and Equity in Low-Income Communities (S662)

Moving Commuters to Ride-Sharing (S663)

A Zoning Framework to Regulate Sustainability (S664)

Restoring Master Street Plans (S665)

Sustainable Regional Planning Comparisons (S666)

Travel Demand Management Programs (S667)

Workshop: Sustainability Metrics to Close the Gap (W455)

Drought: How Do You Plan for That? (S668)

Launching a Local Youth Education Program (S671)

Planning for a Sorely Needed Subway (S672)

Revitalizing Detroit with Collaboration and Partnerships in Planning (S673)

Rural Bicycle and Pedestrian Planning (S674)

Smart Growth, Environmental Justice, and Equitable Development (S675)

Coordinated, Adaptive Approaches to Growth Management (S678)

Forward Public Engagement: Making Planning Fun (S679)

Integrated Small Town Planning (S681)

Land Banking and Historic Preservation (S682)

Participatory Approaches to Regional Watershed Planning (S683)

Promoting Community Health in Planning Decisions (S684)

Tailoring Riparian Protection Codes (S685)

The EVs Are Coming to Your Community (S686)

Traffic-Shed Approach to Growth Management (S687)