Certification Maintenance & Continuing Education

Earn AICP Certification Maintenance credits by attending sessions, mobile workshops, training workshops, and other conference activities. Learn where to find, what sessions offer other CEUs, find the number of credits for each session, and how to track them at the conference.

Most sessions at the conference award CM credit. You can find out how many credits are available by clicking the titles of sessions and viewing the number of credits (if available) on the session detail page.

Please look for the CM logo throughout the conference webpages and in the preliminary and final printed programs. The CM logo (for example: CM | 1.5) will indicate how many CM credits you will earn for each activity. If the activity qualifies for the required ethics or law credit, you will see one of these symbols: Law or Ethics.

It is important for you to track your eligible credits by viewing your schedule in the list or calendar view. Total eligible credits are listed at the top of the page. After the conference, APA will not have a way to provide a list of sessions you attended.

Almost all sessions, mobile workshops, training workshops, GIS workshops, technology showcase sessions, facilitated discussions, and orientation tours are eligible for credit (look for the CM logo).

Please note that the following are not eligible for CM credits: Poster sessions, local host committee social events, planning commissioner and student programs, some facilitated discussions, meetings, and Vega tours.

Note: To earn CM credit you must attend the entire activity; partial credit is not available. Don't forget to claim CM credits for all sessions you attend. Please remember that the sessions you attend will not be added to your log, nor will you receive CM credit for them, until you rate and confirm your attendance at each one individually.

Claiming Credit for Conference Educational Events

Keep track of the sessions and events you attend. After the conference, go online and log your credits at www.planning.org/cm/.

To claim your credits, you will select the education event (session, etc.) and rate the activities and verify your attendance. You will not receive credit for these activities unless you do this.

To earn CM credit, you must attend the entire activity. You will not be able to earn CM credit for more than one concurrent session.

APA staff will be on hand to answer your questions in the AICP booth in the APA Pavilion in the exhibit hall. You can also get a tutorial on logging CM credits at the AICP booth.

Please Remember: You retain ultimate control of your personal CM log. You will be able to add and delete sessions in your log.

The conference is a great place to fulfill the ethics and law CM requirements. There are sessions available on Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday to earn your ethics and legal credits — so select the sessions that fit your needs.

CM Law and Ethics Credits

Ethics Credits

Law Credits

Continuing Legal Education

The American Planning Association offers Continuing Legal Education (CLE) from the following associations at select National Conference sessions.

See the below list for all the conference sessions that offer continued education. Credits can be claimed by:

Signing the sign-in sheets in the session room.

Completing and returning the evaluation form that is distributed in the session rooms or completing the organization's online evaluation.

Request a certificate of completion if needed by e-mailing rdaudelin@planning.org.

Student volunteers will have these materials available in the session rooms. Make certain you return evaluations and the sign-in sheet to the students.

APA will maintain the record of the sign-in sheets and evaluations for two to six years as required.

Minimum Continuing Legal Education CLE

AIA, LA, & GBCI Continuing Education Credits

American Institute of Architects LU

American Institute of Architects LU/HSW

Landscape Architecture CES-PDH

Landscape Architecture CES-PDH/HSW

The Green Building Certification Institute GBCI CE