Request for Proposals

Environmental Sustainability Action Plan

Town of Lyons

Lyons, CO

Posted: 05/15/2013
Submittal Deadline: 06/21/2013

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The Town of Lyons is developing a Lyons Environmental Sustainability Action Plan (LESAP) which will work in tandem with the Lyons Comprehensive Plan and other guiding documents to inventory and highlight existing sustainability programs and processes; identify gaps, inconsistencies, and opportunities for Lyons to become a more sustainable community; and to serve as a tool for decision makers and community members in charting a path to the future. To this end, the Town is seeking the temporary services of a consultant to collect and analyze plan attributes and to compose and present a final LESAP by the end of 2013.

1. Services to be Provided
a. Development of a Lyons Sustainability Plan utilizing the Boulder County formatting template (see or call Jeremy Matsen at 303-823-6622 ext. 28 to request information).
b. Provide within the final LESAP a basic diagnostic of current status and existing initiatives, at the federal, state, and local level for each key subject area as defined by the scope of work in section (2a) and as identified through the public process.
c. Provide within the final LESAP specific recommendations for implementing actions that address identified needs, or sustainability related strategies and goals in the LESAP or Lyons Comprehensive Plan.
d. Provide within the final LESAP a performance timeline to assist the Town in attaining sustainability goals in a timely manner.
e. Provide within the final LESAP measurable criteria (rating system) for evaluating potential Sustainability Plan projects in terms of cost, feasibility, needs assessment, demand, etc.
f. Create feasible, appropriate, and quantifiable indicators of measurement to identify progress in each key area.