State of Transportation Planning 2013:

Ahead of the Curve

The Transportation Planning Division is very proud to announce the completion of State of Transportation Planning 2013: Ahead of the Curve.

Ahead of the Curve report coverThis work, authored by division members from across the country, shows that planners are working with a variety of complex issues and concepts, and applying them in creative ways that solve problems in our communities. The unifying theme is that many planners are far-sighted and oriented to staying ahead of the current issues that we face.

As the title suggests, the role of a transportation planner is to stay "Ahead of the Curve." As planners we are working with subtle and not-so-subtle changes in direction. Staying ahead of the curve through innovative ideas and practice, such as the articles in the publication suggest, will help us do our best for our clients and the public.

The articles discuss some of the most pressing issues facing our communities, and specifically, our transportation systems. Topics include the traditional elements of pedestrians, bicycle, public transportation, roadways, and streets.

The report is broader than just modes, with discussions or funding, resiliency, community health, technology, and public involvement. All told, the State of Transportation Planning 2013 is a composite view of the practice, valuable to all planners.

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