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A Career Worth Planning
by Warren W. Jones

A Planners Dictionary (PAS 521/522)
by Michael Davidson

Best Development Practices
by Reid Ewing

Classic Readings in Urban Planning
by Jay M. Stein FAICP

Envisioning Better Communities
by Randall Arendt

Everyday Ethics for Practicing Planners
by Carol D. Barrett FAICP

Fair and Healthy Land Use (PAS 549/550)
by Craig Anthony Arnold

Foreclosing the Dream
by William H. Lucy

Hazard Mitigation (PAS 560)
by James C. Schwab

Jobs-Housing Balance (PAS 516)
by Jerry Weitz

Making Community Design Work
by Umut Toker

Old Cities/Green Cities (PAS 506/507)
by J. Blaine Bonham, Jr.

Parking Cash Out (PAS 532)
by Donald Shoup

Planners and the Census (PAS 553)
by Christopher Williamson

Project Management for Planners
by Terry A. Clark AICP

Saving Face (PAS 503/504)
by Ronald Lee Fleming

Smart Growth Audits (PAS 512)
by Leora Susan Waldner

Smart Growth in a Changing World
by Jonathan Barnett

Successful Public Meetings
by Elaine Cogan

The Evolution of Urban Form
by Brenda Case Scheer AICP

The Job of the Planning Commissioner
by Albert Solnit

The Small Town Planning Handbook
by Thomas L. Daniels

Transportation Infrastructure (PAS 557)
by Marlon G. Boarnet

True Urbanism
by Mark L. Hinshaw FAICP

U.S. Traffic Calming Manual
by Reid Ewing

Urban Design Reclaimed
by Emily Talen

Youth Planning Charrettes
by Bruce Race AICP