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Reconsidering Ian McHarg

2014 Paperback
Ian McHarg's Design by Nature blazed the trail for sustainable urban development. But where did the trail lead? The author of Reconsidering Ian McHarg studied under McHarg. Discover his clear-eyed view of McHarg's lessons — and the road ahead for sustainable cities.


Green Infrastructure (PAS 571)

2013 Paperback
This well-grounded report shows how green infrastructure cleans the air and water, replenishes aquifers, reduces flooding, and moderates the climate.


Electromagnetic Fields and Land-Use Controls (PAS 435)

1991 Paperback
This report answers some of the most frequently asked questions about electromagnetic fields (EMFs) and defines the planner's role in the EMF controversy.


An Economic Development Toolbox (PAS 541)

2006 Paperback
A practical guide to economic development for local governments.


A Planners Dictionary (PAS 521/522)

2004 Paperback
More than 4,200 terms used by planners around the nation; includes CD-ROM with built-in search function.


Industrial Performance Standards for a New Century (PAS 444)

1993 Paperback
As industry changes so must the performance standards planners use to protect their communities.


Nonpoint Source Pollution (PAS 476)

1997 Paperback
This comprehensive guide tackles one of the most common threats to both surface and underground water supplies.


Traffic Impact Analysis (PAS 387)

1984 Paperback
Improve traffic flow and eliminate congestion by conducting a traffic impact analysis. This report shows you how.


Strategic Planning in Local Government

1992 Paperback
This book, the companion to Strategic Planning: Threats and Opportunities for Planners, reports the progress that planners have made in integrating strategic planning into the public sector.


Planning in Plain English

2000 Paperback
This handbook is a great resource for planners who want to write concise, understandable plans and documents.


Guidelines for Preparing Urban Plans

1995 Hardcover
A book for planning practitioners, planning commissioners, and students that leads you step by step through the complex process of preparing urban plans.


Planning for Wildfires (PAS 529/530)

2005 Paperback
When should you permit development in wildfire-prone areas and how should those developments be designed to mitigate wildfire risks? This report summarizes best practices.


Personnel Practices in Planning Offices (PAS 434)

1991 Paperback
Find out how your agency or firm compares to the rest of the country in this report on personnel practice.


Lights, Camera, Community Video (PAS 500/501)

2001 Paperback
Use the power and excitement of video to encourage residents to convene publicly to discuss the issues and opportunities facing their community and to consider choices to shape their future.


Planning and Drought (PAS 574)

2013 Paperback
Most natural disasters hit hard and fast. Droughts steal in, one cloudless day after another, often catching communities unprepared. Is your community at risk?


The Small Town Planning Handbook

2007 Paperback
A step-by-step guide to drafting and implementing a comprehensive plan that is sensitive to local character and limited resources.


Urban Planning and Politics

1997 Paperback
This book shows citizens, professionals, and students how planning can and does serve the public interest through changing the built environment.


Planning for Post-Disaster Recovery and Reconstruction (PAS 483/484)

1998 Paperback
This invaluable guide will help community leaders and planners educate citizens on how to make informed decisions on post-disaster recovery that will lead to safer, more sustainable communities.


Urban Design Reclaimed

2009 Paperback
Emily Talen challenges planners to reengage in urban design to ensure that it supports diverse, sustainable, vibrant, and equitable communities.


Planning the Built Environment

2000 Hardcover
This book explains the systems that make up our built environment and how they are interrelated.


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