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Planning and Zoning for Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations

1998 Paperback
Rural communities are often unprepared to handle the challenges presented by high-density animal feed lots. This report looks at potential impacts, possible approaches, and regulatory options.


Industrial Performance Standards for a New Century (PAS 444)

1993 Paperback
As industry changes so must the performance standards planners use to protect their communities.


Planning for Wildfires (PAS 529/530)

2005 Paperback
When should you permit development in wildfire-prone areas and how should those developments be designed to mitigate wildfire risks? This report summarizes best practices.


Landslide Hazards and Planning (PAS 533/534)

2005 Paperback
This report will help planners minimize the risk landslides pose to life and property.


Planning for Post-Disaster Recovery and Reconstruction (PAS 483/484)

1998 Paperback
This invaluable guide will help community leaders and planners educate citizens on how to make informed decisions on post-disaster recovery that will lead to safer, more sustainable communities.


Planning Atlanta

Two dozen planning practitioners and thought leaders bring the story of Atlanta to life. Explore the city that regularly reinvents itself, and where change is always in the wind.


Regional Approaches to Affordable Housing (PAS 513/514)

2003 Paperback
A new report that evaluates 23 affordable housing programs across the nation, tracing the history of regional housing planning in the U.S and defining issues on housing affordability.


Planning for Post-Disaster Recovery: Next Generation (PAS 576)

2014 Paperback
This updated manual offers a no-nonsense explanation of the benefits — and limitations — of planning for unpredictable events.


Hazard Mitigation (PAS 560)

2010 Paperback
Prepared by APA and supported by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), this report seeks to close the gap that often exists between hazard mitigation planning and other local planning and regulatory land-use processes.


Traffic Impact Analysis (PAS 387)

1984 Paperback
Improve traffic flow and eliminate congestion by conducting a traffic impact analysis. This report shows you how.


Planning and Drought (PAS 574)

2013 Paperback
Most natural disasters hit hard and fast. Droughts steal in, one cloudless day after another, often catching communities unprepared. Is your community at risk?


Planning the Urban Forest (PAS 555)

2009 Paperback
This report explains how communities can develop urban forestry programs to capture the social and environmental benefits of trees.


Growing Smart Legislative Guidebook

2002 Paperback
States and local governments now have a new tool available to help combat urban sprawl, protect farmland, promote affordable housing, and encourage redevelopment.


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