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Designing Urban Corridors (PAS 418)

1989 Paperback
Urban corridors don't have to be disordered, ugly places. Learn how to create a sense of place out of a barren landscape of signs and strip development.


Growth Management Principles & Practices

1995 Paperback
This is the first book to both assess growth management principles and show how they relate to traditional, new, and emerging growth management practices. It demonstrates how planners shape communities while considering resources and future needs.


Atlanta’s Neighborhood Commercial Districts

Wednesday, April 30, 2014, 9:30am

Historic streetcar nodes lie at the heart of many Atlanta communities. These commercial districts put goods and services within walking distance of the surrounding residential neighborhoods. Atlanta’s zoning regulations and streetscape projects have protected historic commercial hubs and spurred their revitalization. Hear what’s working — and lessons learned — as the tour pulls into Piedmont Avenue at 10th Street in Midtown, upscale Virginia Highland, hip Little Five Points, and up-and-coming Kirkwood Village. Transportation: Motorcoach, walking.


CM | 3.0

Strategic Planning in Local Government

1992 Paperback
This book, the companion to Strategic Planning: Threats and Opportunities for Planners, reports the progress that planners have made in integrating strategic planning into the public sector.


In Motion

2012 Paperback
Even a trip to the mailbox can be a voyage of discovery. See travel in a new light with acclaimed author Tony Hiss.


Megapolitan America

2011 Hardcover
America is the land of wide open spaces. Or is it? Explore how the rise of megapolitan areas is changing the way we live.


Results 1-6 of 6
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