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APA National Planning Conference - Online Program

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6:00AM X112 Environment, Natural Resources, and Energy Division Business Meeting
7:30AM S601 CANCELLED - 100 Years of Economic Development CM | 1.25
7:30AM S602 Community Coaching for Effective Planning CM | 1.25
7:30AM S604 Development Approval as Economic Development CM | 1.25
7:30AM S605 HIA for HUD‘s Choice Neighborhoods CM | 1.25
7:30AM S606 Scenario-Planning Innovations CM | 1.25
7:30AM S603 Creating Complete Streets for All Ages CM | 1.25
7:30AM S623 Military-Community Regional Planning CM | 1.25
7:30AM S607 ‘Last-Mile’ Freight for Livable Communities CM | 1.25
7:30AM S610 What Comes First in TOD? CM | 1.25
7:30AM S611 Planning for the New Housing Paradigm CM | 1.25
7:30AM S609 Revitalizing Macon, Georgia CM | 1.25
7:30AM S608 Using Supercomputers to Build Future Cities CM | 1.25
8:00AM X006 Planning Accreditation Board General Meeting and School Reviews
8:00AM X007 Planning Accreditation Training
8:15AM W031 Buford Corridor: Highways, Health, and Immigration CM | 3.0
8:30AM W032 The 1996 Atlanta Olympics: Lasting Legacy CM | 3.5
8:45AM W033 Growing Agritourism in Georgia CM | 3.5
9:00AM S439 Plenary: HUD-DOT-EPA Partnership for Sustainable Communities CM | 1.25
9:00AM S626 ADA Policy and an Aging Population CM | 1.25
9:00AM S624 Can Planners and Developers Get Along? CM | 1.25
9:00AM S620 Current Neighborhood Planning CM | 1.25
9:00AM S625 Using ‘Theme Roads’ for Regional Revitalization CM | 1.25
9:00AM S617 Plenary: International Perspectives on Planning CM | 1.25
9:00AM S621 Shale Oil and Gas Boomtowns CM | 1.25
9:00AM S619 Regional Planning After Katrina and Sandy CM | 1.25
9:00AM S618 Atlanta’s Olympic Games Legacy CM | 1.25
9:00AM S622 Scenario Planning and Public Health CM | 1.25
9:00AM X121 Resume Clinic
9:00AM S581 Turning a Suburban Grayfield into Downtown CM | 1.25
9:00AM S831 Division Facilitated Discussion: Affordable Housing in TODs CM | 1.25
9:00AM S830 Division Facilitated Discussion: Solving Problems Through ‘Soft Skills’ CM | 1.25
9:00AM S829 Climate Change in Rural Communities CM | 1.25
9:00AM S613 DEEP DIVE - Vibrant Retail Streets Toolkit CM | 2.75
9:00AM S612 DEEP DIVE - Exploratory Scenario Planning and Emerging Tools CM | 2.75
9:00AM S615 Best Practices for Public-Private Partnerships CM | 1.25
9:00AM S696 AICP SYMPOSIUM - Shaping the Future of Healthy Retail CM | 1.25
9:00AM S832 Division Facilitated Discussion: Transportation in 2050 CM | 1.25
9:00AM W034 Decatur: The Heart of ‘Can Do’ CM | 7.0
9:00AM W030 Centennial Olympic Park: Economic Catalyst CM | 2.0
9:15AM W035 Peachtree City: Perspectives on a Planned Community CM | 5.5
9:30AM W036 CANCELLED - Encroachment Mitigation and Community Partners Building CM | 4.0
9:45AM W037 Roswell: Transitioning a Mature City CM | 4.0
10:00AM S958 Planning Expo Session: CPAT FAQs
10:00AM W038 TOD on Atlanta’s Red Line CM | 4.5
10:15AM W039 Serenbe: Consensus, Sustainability, Prosperity CM | 3.5
10:30AM S258 EP Connection: Exploring Neighborland
10:30AM S201 EXHIBITOR BOOTH PRESENTATION: Digital Collaboration Tools CM | 0.5
10:30AM S484 Building the New American Streetscape CM | 1.25
10:30AM S648 Are Neighborhoods Essential ? CM | 1.25
10:30AM W040 CANCELLED - Transforming Atlanta’s Cumberland Office Market CM | 5.0
10:30AM S634 People and Places: Engaged
10:30AM S628 Automating Zoning and Development Review CM | 1.25
10:30AM S627 iMUST and Cities of Citizens CM | 1.25
10:30AM S635 Reclaiming the Suburban Corridor CM | 1.25
10:30AM S631 Creating Places from Platted Lands CM | 1.25
10:30AM S633 Economic Impact Assessment of a Regional Trail CM | 1.25
10:30AM S638 Advancing Research and Practice in Public Health and Transportation CM | 1.25
10:30AM S637 Public Schools and City Sustainability CM | 1.25
10:30AM S636 Building-Height Limits in Washington, D.C. CM | 1.25
10:30AM S639 Atlanta Region Planning Directors CM | 1.25
10:30AM S835 Division Facilitated Discussion: Due Process and Zoning Hearings CM | 1.25
10:30AM S837 Division Facilitated Discussion: Immigration/Migration CM | 1.25
10:30AM S836 Senior Manager Forum CM | 1.25
11:00AM W041 CANCELLED - Thinking Globally in Rural Georgia CM | 5.0
11:15AM W042 Creating Open Space: Midtown by Bike CM | 3.5
12:00PM P011E Awards Luncheon Additional Tickets
12:00PM P011 Awards Luncheon Invitation
2:00PM W043 CANCELLED - Atlanta’s Stadium Neighborhoods
2:15PM W044 Proctor Creek: Urban Waters, Green Infrastructure CM | 3.5
2:30PM S573 EP Clinic: Advocating for Multiple Parties
2:30PM S653 Accessing the Design/Planning/Development Assistance Network CM | 1.25
2:30PM S645 Planning Collaboration for Healthy Communities CM | 1.25
2:30PM S651 MPO ‘Livable Communities’ Programs CM | 1.25
2:30PM S646 Turning Infrastructure from Gray to Green CM | 1.25
2:30PM S652 Reinventing a Regional Mall CM | 1.25
2:30PM S650 Addressing Flood Risk in Coastal Louisiana CM | 1.25
2:30PM S647 The Gay Ghetto and Its Consequences for Planning CM | 1.25
2:30PM S649 Palm Springs, Las Vegas, and Heritage Tourism CM | 1.25
2:30PM S694 Neighborhood as a Focus for Health CM | 1.25
2:30PM W045 Peachtree Center: Grounds for Innovation CM | 2.0
2:30PM X050 APA/AICP Annual Meeting and Leadership Honors
2:30PM S655 Raising Funds for Transportation CM | 1.25
2:30PM S654 Revitalizing Historic Montgomery CM | 1.25
2:30PM S642 DEEP DIVE - Airports and Community Compatibility CM | 2.75
2:30PM S643 Getting What You Want from Zoning CM | 1.25
2:30PM S641 Economic Development in Distressed Rural Areas CM | 1.25
2:30PM S644 Developing Toward a Community Vision CM | 1.25
4:00PM S410 The Other Side of Ethics CM | 1.5
4:00PM S667 The Georgia MMPT and Transportation Connectivity CM | 1.25
4:00PM S668 The Enduring Value of Water Transportation CM | 1.25
4:00PM S665 The Neighborhood Concept CM | 1.25
4:00PM S666 Why Cycling is Key to Resurgent Cities CM | 1.25
4:00PM S663 Big Data Supporting Jane Jacobs’ Theories
4:00PM S669 Housing, Equity, and Health CM | 1.25
4:00PM S664 Managing Your Consultants, Managing Your Client CM | 1.25
4:00PM S660 Diverse Approaches to Community Redevelopment CM | 1.25
4:00PM S662 Shared Stormwater Systems as Economic Incentives CM | 1.25
4:00PM S658 Rebuilding Urban Neighborhoods CM | 1.25
4:00PM S659 Challenges of Sprawl Retrofit CM | 1.25
4:00PM S656 BETTMAN SYMPOSIUM: Reading the Signs CM | 1.5
4:00PM S661 CANCELLED - Economic Dimensions of Immigration CM | 1.25
4:00PM S826 Planning Communities for a Lifetime CM | 1.25
5:30PM S702 Plenary: Post-Disaster Recovery , U.S. Secretary for Housing and Urban Development Shaun Donovan CM | 1.0
6:30PM P103 CNN Studio Tour