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APA National Planning Conference - Online Program

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7:30AM W047 Savannah: A Hip City With History CM | 8.5
8:00AM W046 Revitalization, Preservation, and the Southeast BeltLine CM | 4.5
8:00AM W029 Growth Management on the Urban Fringe CM | 7.0
8:30AM W048 Atlanta’s Urban Forest: Growing Connections CM | 4.5
9:00AM S679 Integrating Food Systems with Public Health
9:00AM S670 DEEP DIVE - Communicating Climate Change Through Games CM | 2.75
9:00AM S682 Transformational Citizen Engagement CM | 1.25
9:00AM S683 Planning for Shrinking and Slow-Growth Regions CM | 1.25
9:00AM S681 Facilitated Discussion: Public Health, Physical Design CM | 1.25
9:00AM W050 Buckhead: Jobs, Traffic, and Technology CM | 2.5
9:00AM S676 Give Change a Chance CM | 1.25
9:00AM S678 Major Corridor Freight Planning CM | 1.25
9:00AM S674 Community Resilience to Natural Hazards CM | 1.25
9:00AM S673 Alignments in Regional Planning CM | 1.25
9:00AM S672 DEEP DIVE - Serious Gaming for Community Resilience Planning CM | 2.5
9:00AM S677 Effective Urban Wayfinding CM | 1.25
9:00AM S680 Georgia’s 25 Years of CID Success CM | 1.25
9:00AM S675 Creative Small Town Redevelopment CM | 1.25
9:00AM S671 DEEP DIVE - Green Parking and Sustainable Mobility CM | 2.75
9:00AM S684 Smart Growth Codes for Climate Adaptation CM | 1.25
9:15AM W051 Freight and Logistics: Atlanta Goes Global CM | 4.0
9:30AM W052 CANCELLED: Atlantic Station: Brownfield to Destination CM | 4.5
9:30AM W053 Atlanta’s Neighborhood Commercial Districts CM | 3.0
10:00AM W049 Atlanta’s Innovative Planning Technology CM | 2.0
10:00AM W054 Community-Centered Schools: Sustaining Neighborhoods CM | 2.25
10:30AM S433 Coming to Grips with Content Neutrality CM | 1.25
10:30AM S630 European Large Scale Development CM | 1.25
10:30AM S689 Transforming Streets CM | 1.25
10:30AM S688 Expanding Mass Transit During Fiscal Austerity CM | 1.25
10:30AM S687 Health Comprehensive Planning CM | 1.25
10:30AM S685 New Approaches to Sports and Economic Development CM | 1.25
10:30AM S686 Expanding Affordable Housing Options CM | 1.25
10:30AM S692 Economic Development and Homelessness CM | 1.25
10:30AM S690 Mitigating the Impact of Industry on Roads CM | 1.25
10:30AM S691 Integrated Mobility and Redevelopment CM | 1.25
10:30AM S823 Overcoming Barriers to Green Infrastructure CM | 1.25
12:00PM S904 Closing Keynote: Candy Chang CM | 1.0
1:15PM W055 Green Stormwater Infrastructure CM | 3.5
1:15PM W056 Art-Based Placemaking in Downtown Atlanta CM | 3.0
1:30PM W057 Transit-Oriented Development in Metro Atlanta CM | 3.5