Disaster and Displacement One Year Later

Housing and Community Building Post Hurricanes Katrina and Rita

October 26, 2006
National Building Museum
Washington, D.C.

The American Planning Association and its professional institute, the American Institute of Certified Planners, joined the National Building Museum to present a morning symposium exploring housing and community issues related to the short and long-term displacement of recent hurricane survivors. Panelists discussed the challenges involved with survivor displacement, and the role of local planners and housing organizations in addressing challenges and rebuilding communities in Katrina and Rita affected areas.


Speakers included Stephen Villavaso, FAICP, president of the Louisiana Chapter of APA and CEO of Villavaso and Associates; Emily Eberhardt, Director of Community Planning and Development at the Jackson, Mississippi, HUD Field Office; and Gavin Smith, director of the Office of Recovery and Renewal in Mississippi. The panel was moderated by AICP President Sue Schwartz, FAICP.

Click on a link below to check out speakers' PowerPoint presentations. Download them either as the original PowerPoint or as a PDF.

Emily Eberhardt's PowerPoint presentation (ppt)

PDF of Emily Eberhardt's PowerPoint presentation (pdf)

Gavin Smith's PowerPoint presentation (ppt)

PDF of Gavin Smith's PowerPoint presentation (pdf)

Stephen Villavaso's PowerPoint presentation (ppt)

PDF of Stephen Villavaso's PowerPoint presentation (pdf)