AICP Candidate Pilot Program: Year Two by the Numbers

Launched in November 2017, the AICP Candidate Pilot program provides planners fresh out of college the opportunity to pursue AICP Certification while they gain their professional planning experience. For the duration of the pilot phase of the program, students and graduates of Planning Accreditation Board-approved planning programs are eligible to enroll.

The second year of the program continued to show strong growth among emerging professionals entering the planning field. In year two, the number of new AICP members increased from 20 to 107 for a total of 127 members who have earned AICP certification through this path. An additional 275 members are AICP Candidates who passed the AICP Certification Exam and are one step away from becoming AICP certified.

It was extremely helpful to take the exam early on while I was still in the "grad school" mode. I think it also helped me demonstrate to my first employer that I was serious about my career and professional development.
—Lauren Drago, AICP

After two years, over 1,700 young professionals have enrolled in the program, 402 have passed the AICP Certification Exam, and 127 have successfully applied for AICP. We expect the number of members gaining AICP certification through this path to continue to increase with each application cycle.

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November 19, 2019