AICP Certified Environmental Planner
(AICP CEP) Reading List

Books and Articles

Anderson, Larz T. 2000. Planning the Built Environment, pp. 26, 52, 56, 59. Chicago: APA Planners Press.

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Government Resources

Bureau of Land Management, Visual Resource Management program H8431.1

Clean Water Act, Title 5 Section 510 (1972). Available at:

The Environmental Protection Agency's National Environmental Performance Track was a public-private partnership that encouraged continuous environmental improvement through environmental management systems, community outreach, and measurable results. Terminated 2009; reference material available at

Environmental Protection Agency. Resource Conservation and Recovery Act of 1976. Available at

Environmental Protection Agency. 2005. Riparian Buffer Width, Vegetative Cover, and Nitrogen Removal Effectiveness: A Review of Current Science and Regulation. Available at

Environmental Protection Agency Report by Anna Knox, David Dunn, Eric Nelson, and Winona Specht. 2004. Wastewater Treatment and Heavy Metals Removal in the A-01 Constructed Wetland: 2003. Report No: WSRC-TR-2004-00228. Available at

Federal Aviation Administration. 2010. Airport Noise Compatibility Planning (14 CFR Part 150). Available at

Federal Aviation Administration. 2007. Environmental Desk Reference for Airport Actions.

Federal Aviation Administration. 2002. Land Use Compatibility and Airports. Available at

Protection of the Environment, 40 CFR. Available at

U.S. Air Force, Center for Engineering and the Environment. 1991. Socioeconomic Impact Analysis Study (SIAS) Guide. Available at

U.S. Army Center for Health Promotion and Preventative Medicine. 2005. Operational Noise Manual. Available at

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. 1987. Wetland Delineation Manual. Available at

U.S. Department of Energy. 2008. Preparing Environmental Documents. Available at

U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. The Noise Guidebook. Available at

Other Resources

Center for Wildlife Law and Defenders of Wildlife. 1993. State Endangered Species Acts. Available at

Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. 2003. Good Practice Guidance for Land Use, Land-Use Change and Forestry. Available at

Pennsylvania Environmental Council:


  • No reading list can span the entire range of material in the field.
  • It is not expected that exam takers will have read all the resources cited.
  • The readings are intended as guidelines only. While many exam questions are based on these readings, many are developed from other materials of similar content.