May 2011 ASC Exam Results

The American Planning Association (APA) and its professional institute, the American Institute of Certified Planners (AICP), congratulate the first individuals to earn our two new advanced credentials: AICP Certified Environmental Planner (AICP CEP) and AICP Certified Transportation Planner (AICP CTP).

These designations publicly confirm their achievement and identify planning as a profession that values, encourages, and recognizes expertise and leadership. AICP CEP and AICP CTP are granted to AICP certified planners who have demonstrated at least eight years of experience in their respective fields and have successfully passed a rigorous exam.

Click here for more information on how the cut score was determined for these two exams.

Below are the exam pass rates and the names of the planners who are now certified. Please join us in recognizing their achievement.


Number of Test Takers: 41

Number Who Passed: 33

CEP Pass Rate: 80.5%

James E. Barnes, AICP CEP
Wellington, Florida

Brian J. Bisnett, AICP CEP
Grass Valley, California

Michael E. Brusseau, AICP CEP
Middle Island, New York

Patrick Cleary, AICP CEP
Northport, New York

Randolph J. Coleman, AICP CEP
Apple Valley, California

Kevin F. Coyle, AICP CEP
Dover, Delaware

Michael J. DeRosier, AICP CEP
Leesburg, Virginia

Teresa Durkin, AICP CEP
Newtown Square, Pennsylvania

Lesli K. Ellis, AICP CEP
Fort Collins, Colorado

Jamie M. Fay, AICP CEP
Boston, Massachusetts

Peter Andrew Flinker, AICP CEP
Ashfield, Massachusetts

William P. Fritz, AICP CEP
Wallingford, Pennsylvania

J. Randolph Hankamer, AICP CEP
Austin, Texas

Barry F. Hersh, AICP CEP
New York City

Richard J. Hoch, AICP CEP
Dunbar, Pennsylvania

William Jacobs, AICP CEP
Irvine, California

Janice Jijina, AICP CEP
Woodbury, New York

Jeff Kane, AICP CEP
Cold Spring, New York

Anna M. Kitces, AICP CEP
Yardley, Pennsylvania

Abe Leider, AICP CEP
Ventura, California

Stephen Lopez, AICP CEP
Pleasantville, New York

Dahvia Lynch, AICP CEP
San Diego, California

Andy G. Markos, AICP CEP
Tacoma, Washington

Peter Noonan, AICP CEP
Beverly Hills, California

Catherine Pagano, AICP CEP
Gunnison, Colorado

Joseph P. Power, AICP CEP
Ventura, California

Ali Shapouri, AICP CEP
Rancho Santa Fe, California

Nan C. Stolzenburg, AICP CEP
Berne, New York

Jason R. Wager, AICP CEP
Charlotte, North Carolina

Cory H. Wilkinson, AICP CEP
Pensacola, Florida

Ben Williams, AICP CEP
Greenville, North Carolina

Nathaniel S. Wilson, AICP CEP
Northridge, California

Douglas V. Winkler, AICP CEP
Glen Head, New York


Number of Test Takers: 30

Number Who Passed: 14

CTP Pass Rate: 46.7%

Charles P. Barmby, AICP CTP
Lakeland, Florida

Anthony Bruzzone, AICP CTP
San Francisco, California

Dan Burke, AICP CTP
Seattle, Washington

Elizabeth D. Federico, AICP CTP
New York City

Philip N. Greenwald, AICP CTP
Longmont, Colorado

Dharm Guruswamy, AICP CTP
Washington, D.C.

Terrence M. Heffron, AICP CTP
Saint Charles, Illinois

John C. Kopp, AICP CTP
Chicago, Illinois

Michael D. Larson, AICP CTP
Saint Paul, Minnesota

Thomas R. Murphy, AICP CTP
Las Cruces, New Mexico

Theodore Orosz, AICP CTP
Valley Stream, New York

Daniel L. Prevost, AICP CTP
Cincinnati, Ohio

Michael Singleton, AICP CTP
San Diego, California

Jennifer A. Stults, AICP CTP
Orlando, Florida