May 2012 ASC Exam Results

The American Planning Association (APA) and its professional institute, the American Institute of Certified Planners (AICP), congratulate the individuals who earned our 2012 advanced credentials: AICP Certified Environmental Planner (AICP CEP) and AICP Certified Transportation Planner (AICP CTP).

These designations publicly confirm their achievement and identify planning as a profession that values, encourages, and recognizes expertise and leadership. AICP CEP and AICP CTP are granted to AICP certified planners who have demonstrated at least eight years of experience in their respective fields and have successfully passed a rigorous exam.

Click here for more information on how the cut score was determined for these two exams.

Below are the exam pass rates and the names of the planners who are now certified after passing the exams in May 2012. Please join us in recognizing their achievement.

AICP Certified Environmental Planner logo

Number of Test Takers: 25

Number Who Passed: 21

CEP Pass Rate: 84%

Neil J. Angus, AICP CEP
Devens, Massachusetts

Dennis A. Bechtel, AICP CEP
Henderson, Nevada

Glen A. Belnay, AICP CEP
Flagtown, New Jersey

Stephanie Blanco, AICP CEP
Eastvale, California

James W. Carter, AICP CEP
Salt Lake City, Utah

Tracy M. Clothier, AICP CEP
Lake George, New York

William E. Couch, AICP CEP
Buda, Texas

John J. Farrell, AICP CEP
Goochland, Virginia

Douglas T. Feremenga, AICP CEP
Chino, California

Marc A. Foster, AICP CEP
Biloxi, Mississippi

Colleen D. Harris, AICP CEP
Austin, Texas

R. Porter Ingrum, AICP CEP
Aurora, Colorado

Sandra Lee, AICP CEP
Oakland Park, Florida

Jacquelyn Lynch, AICP CEP
Bellingham, Washington

George H. McKibbon, AICP CEP
Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

Richard Miller, AICP CEP
San Ramon, California

Evan Paul, AICP CEP
Oakland, California

Anthony J. Scolaro, AICP CEP
Phoenix, Arizona

Coleen L. Shade, AICP CEP
South Lake Tahoe, California

Craig S. Vassel, AICP CEP
Walnut Creek, California

AICP Certified Transportation Planner logo

Number of Test Takers: 32

Number Who Passed: 14

CTP Pass Rate: 43.8%

Matthew M. Day, AICP CTP
Durham, North Carolina

Richard T. Girdler, AICP CTP
Topeka, Kansas

Bjorn E. Hansen, AICP CTP
Charlotte, North Carolina

Martin D. Hull, AICP CTP
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Lesley D. Lowe, AICP CTP
San Francisco, California

Steve Noble, AICP CTP
Decatur, Georgia

Maureen A. Paz De Araujo, AICP CTP
Colorado Springs, Colorado

Joel Pfundt, AICP CTP
Redmond, Washington

Timothy A. Preece, AICP CTP
Atlanta, Georgia

Richard Ravit, AICP CTP
Bellmore, New York

Paula J. Reeves, AICP CTP
Olympia, Washington

Michael Louis Schmitt, AICP CTP
Rancho Cordova, California

Atma Ram Sookram, AICP CTP
Amityville, New York

Elizabeth Eleanor Teague, AICP CTP
Nags Head, North Carolina