May 2014 ASC Exam Results

The American Planning Association (APA) and its professional institute, the American Institute of Certified Planners (AICP), congratulate the individuals who earned our 2014 advanced credentials: AICP Certified Environmental Planner (AICP CEP), AICP Certified Transportation Planner (AICP CTP) and AICP Certified Urban Designer (AICP CUD).

These designations publicly confirm their achievement and identify planning as a profession that values, encourages, and recognizes expertise and leadership. AICP CEP, AICP CTP and AICP CUD are granted to AICP certified planners who have demonstrated at least eight years of experience in their respective fields and have successfully passed a rigorous exam.

Click here for more information on how the cut score was determined for these three exams.

Below are the exam pass rates and the names of the planners who are now certified after passing the exams in May 2014. Please join us in recognizing their achievement.

AICP Certified Environmental Planner logo

Number of Test Takers: 13

Number Who Passed: 9

CEP Pass Rate: 69%

Stephanie Jane Fowler Gallagher, AICP CEP
Charlotte, North Carolina

Paul M. Drake, AICP CEP
Hillsborough, New Jersey

Kristin Boesch Maseman, AICP CEP
Raleigh, North Carolina

Gordon R. Gaste, AICP CEP
Imperial, California

Keith John Woodcock, AICP CEP
Fresno, California

Lance Unverzagt, AICP CEP
San Diego, California

Raymond Robinson, AICP CEP
Lutherville, Maryland

David J. Plante, AICP CEP
Canton, Ohio

Derek S. Koellmann, AICP CEP
Bellingham, Washington

AICP Certified Transportation Planner logo

Number of Test Takers: 32

Number Who Passed: 28

CTP Pass Rate: 87%

Robert Daniel Balmes, AICP CTP
East Lansing, Michigan

Nityananda Basu, AICP CTP
Los Angeles, California

Robert Shepard Brown, AICP CTP
Ashburn, Virginia

Wesley L. Burket, AICP CTP
Hollidaysburg, Pennsylvania

Kimberly Ann Burton, AICP CTP
Westerville, Ohio

Craig Casper, AICP CTP
Colorado Springs, Colorado

Chris Comeau, AICP CTP
Bellingham, Washington

Laurie Cummings, AICP CTP
Anchorage, Alaska

Tim A. Erney, AICP CTP
Fullerton, California

James A. Garofalo, AICP CTP
Marlboro, New York

Aaron Iverson, AICP CTP
Fort Collins, Colorado

Linda M. Jackson, AICP CTP
San Rafael, California

Andrew K. Jackson, AICP CTP
Orem, Utah

Hal Ryan Johnson, AICP CTP
Salt Lake City, Utah

Alexander E. Kalamaros, AICP CTP
Los Angeles, California

J. Allen Kemplen, AICP CTP
Anchorage, Alaska

Catherine P. Lafata, AICP CTP
Walnut Creek, California

Conn C. MacAogain, AICP CTP
Middle Village, New York

Suzanne T. Mack Magro, AICP CTP
Jersey City, New Jersey

Andrew J. McClurg, AICP CTP
Belmont, Massachusetts

Karen T. McGuire, AICP CTP
Winter Park, Florida

Oliver Miller, AICP CTP
Meridian, Idaho

Costa Pappis, AICP CTP
Montpelier, Vermont

Edward S. Peralta, AICP CTP
Clifton, New Jersey

Jeff R. Schwein, AICP CTP
Chico, California

Theresa A. Szymanis, AICP CTP
Pacific Grove, California

Ray S. Tomczak, AICP CTP
Rutherford, New Jersey

Charles J. Wade, AICP CTP
Madison, Wisconsin

AICP Certified Urban Designer logo

Number of Test Takers: 21

Number Who Passed: 19

CUD Pass Rate: 90%

Christopher P. Barry, AICP CUD
West Palm Beach, Florida

Constance C. Bodurow, AICP CUD
Southfield, Michigan

Carrie J. Davis, AICP CUD
Chicago, Illinois

Andrew Dobshinsky, AICP CUD
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Ela Dokonal, AICP CUD
East Northport, New York

Lina Mercedes M. Dueno, AICP CUD
Guaynabo, Puerto Rico

Matthew J. Flis, AICP CUD
Arlington, Virginia

Dennis G. Goderre, AICP CUD
Waterford, Connecticut

John R. Hixenbaugh, AICP CUD
Atlantis, Florida

John Hoal, AICP CUD
St. Louis, Missouri

Bennett W. Mark, AICP CUD
Honolulu, Hawaii

J. Kent Marsh, AICP CUD
Houston, Texas

Michael E. Nichols, AICP CUD
Solana Beach, California

Ken Pirie, AICP CUD
Portland, Oregon

Andrew J.G. Schwartz, AICP CUD
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Donald P. Shockey, AICP CUD
Miami Shores, Florida

Janet B. Shull, AICP CUD
Burien, Washington

Mark W. Soden, AICP CUD
Scottsdale, Arizona

Albert S. Wei, AICP CUD
New York, New York