AICP Student Project Awards

The AICP Student Project Awards recognize outstanding class projects or papers by a student or group of students in Planning Accreditation Board-accredited planning programs that contribute to advances in the field of planning.

This awards program is intended to recognize exceptional work by the student(s). While it is appropriate to submit a project or paper on which a faculty member(s) has given guidance, the submission should be primarily the work of the students.

2015 Student Project Award Winners

Congratulations to the winners of the 2015 AICP Student Project Awards! These awards will be given at the 2015 APA National Planning Conference in Seattle.

Award for Application of the Planning Process

"Connect Chelsea: Three Visions for a Gateway City"

Harvard University
Student Project Team: Erica Blonde, Patrick Boateng, Andrew Cantu, Kathryn Casey, Heidi Yongha Cho, Young Ae Chung, Owen Deutsch, Vineet Diwadkar, Matthew Furman, Jonathan Goldman, Allison Green, Kevin Gurley, Mark Heller, David Henning, Virginia Keesler, Jacob Koch, Ethan Lassiter, Joyce Lee, Zachery LeMel, Maynard León, Joshua Levitt, Yani Li, Jefferson Mao, My Tam Nguyen, Irene Figueroa Ortiz, Ning Pei, Martha Pym, Jeenal Sawla, Margaret Scott, Jonathan Springfield, Aldarsaikhan Tuvshinbat, Sofía Viguri, Robert Wellburn, Samuel Wright
Faculty Advisers: Dan D'Oca, Ann Forsyth, and Kathryn Madden

Award for Contribution of Planning to Contemporary Issues

"Irishtown Greenway: A Strategic Plan for the Flats West Bank"

Cleveland State University
Student Project Team: Juleian Curtis, Nikki Glazer, Dion Harris, Dean Ibsen, Kyle Krewson, Andrew Lang, Shiqi Lu, Darrick Matthews, Michael Mears, Matthew Moss, Caylen Payne, Scott Schirg, Steve Sump, Ann Thompson
Faculty Advisers: Jim Kastelic and Wendy Kellogg

Award for Applied Research

"Ethnobotany, Gender and Comprehensive Planning"

University of Texas at Austin
Student Project Team: Kendal Asuncion, Samantha Kattan, Sara McTarnaghan, Rachel Nolley, Rebecca Rinas, Sam Siegel, Kelly Strickler, Sam Tabory, Adam Torres
Faculty Adviser: Bjorn Sletto

Honor Award, given in recognition of special achievement by undergraduate planning students

"Urban Planning Visions for Milpitas: California Circle and Main at Serra"

California State Polytechnic University at San Luis Obispo
Student Project Team: Kevin Alcantra, Myra Ammari, Chris Bedekovic, Stephanie Benzel, Thomas Bertwistle, Juan Alberto Bonilla, Cara Carlucci, Clarissa Caruso, Seitu Coleman, Elizabeth Granger, Jenny Ha, Melissa Johnson, Jane Kim, Melissa Kramer, Adam Marston, Emilio Merino, Darya Oreizi, Leigh Osterhus, Michael Paul, Alex Perez, Stephen Severon, Monet Sheikhali, Haydne Shimer, Diane Tran, Kyle Van Leeuwen Darrel, Francisco Vargas, Yuri Way, Sarah Wood, Alice Zanmiller
Faculty Advisers: Vicente del Rio and Hemalata Dandekar


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