Planning During a Pandemic: Federal Relief and Planner Stories

APA is continuing to develop and share resources to help planners adjust to new ways of leading communities through significant change and upheaval.

In the past week, we provided information about federal relief funding, tips on navigating an upside-down job market, and stories from planners about how they are quickly pivoting to new methods of community engagement and outreach.

Here’s a recap of that information originally sent to APA members in the Interact weekly newsletter — share with your peers and communities!

Breaking Down the COVID-19 Relief Legislation

With billions of dollars in funding for Community Development Block Grants, public transportation assistance, housing security, and more, which portions of the CARES Act are critical for planners to know and understand?

APA held a rapid-response legislative briefing to help planners identify what's in the bill. Download the slides or watch the briefing in its entirety.

Navigating the Pandemic as a Recent Grad

This will be a confusing and stressful time for graduating planning students to enter the workforce. In this blog, we have highlighted some tips that apply during this era but will also be helpful for any job search.

Mid-sized City Moves Planning Commission Meeting Online

In this APA podcast hear how Fayetteville, Arkansas, pivoted to keep the community moving forward by adapting to an online commission meeting at the onset of the pandemic.

Immediate Past Chair Matt Hoffman shares how the city prepared, practiced, and delivered its first online commission meeting. Stay tuned next week for another example of how communities are adapting technology for online meetings.

Adjusting Census Outreach to Count Everyone

April 1 was Census Day, and even in times of turmoil, planners continue to look ahead and find ways to position their communities for future prosperity, equality, and health. Census data is critically important to this work.

Federal relief funding — like the $150 billion set aside for localities and states in the stabilization bill signed into law by President Trump and supported by APA last week — is distributed based on population.

Hear 10 planners' stories from across the country as they are mobilizing to ensure everyone is counted and adjusting their approaches to fit current restrictions on in-person outreach.

Choosing the Right Tools for Online Engagement

This free course "The Golden Circle of Online Engagement," offers guidance on choosing the right tools for online engagement, measuring success, dealing with outrage and online trolls, meeting language needs, and more.

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Member cost: $25

Collecting, Organizing, and Communicating Planning Information

Discover new, efficient, within-your-reach methods to effectively collect, organize, and communicate information. Tailor these unique strategies to fit your community.

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April 6, 2020

By Karen Kazmierczak