Online Resources for Planning Educators

We know that planning education likely looks a bit different this year. You may be operating fully online, or looking at a hybrid model of online and in-person instruction. Here we offer some digital resources for you and your students, and we look forward to continuing to partner with you to prepare planning students for the challenges of today and tomorrow.

Resources for the (Digital) Classroom

partial cover for the PAS report "Planning With Diverse Communities" for social media link previews

Detail from cover of PAS Report 593: Planning With Diverse Communities.

Topics for Today

Use APA publications like Planning with Diverse Communities, or Planning for Infrastructure Resilience to tie your curriculum to the issues planners are facing today. Browse our COVID-19 Resources for insight into how planners are responding to a global pandemic.

Topics for the Future

Prepare your students to think about what planning will look like in five, 10, or 50 years with APA resources. Check out Planning for Autonomous Mobility and Artificial Intelligence to use as starting points for future-focused discussions with your students.

Career Support for Your Students

Planner Profiles

Help your students learn the broad range of career possibilities for planners. Share with your students for those inevitable “What does a planner actually DO?” questions.

A Guide for the Idealist

Richard Willson, FAICP, shares insights into the blend of idealism and realism needed to thrive in the planning workplace. Use one of his blog posts to spur discussions on moving from the classroom into the workplace while maintaining your values and keeping that fire burning.

Jobs Online

As the job market gets tighter, send your students to the place to find a planning job or internship, plus resume tips, interview help, and more for landing that first gig.

Stay Connected with APA

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Student Membership Is Free

Connect your students with the resources of APA. Students may join individually online, or if you are the APA administrator for your school you may bulk register your planning students through this portal.

Download or Print the APA Student Membership Flyer

A Jump Start on Certification

Students and graduates of PAB-accredited degree programs may enroll in the AICP Candidate Pilot Program, which offers a different path to certification. Participants may sign up for mentors and can take the AICP exam after they graduate, before earning professional experience.

Download or Print the AICP Candidate Pilot Program Flyer

Academic Group Membership

If your program doesn’t already participate, consider the APA group membership program designed for planning educators. This program allows academic departments to get access to APA resources at a discounted rate, and with convenient single-invoice billing for the college or university.

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October 27, 2020

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