In Memoriam: Remembering Members at NPC16

In Phoenix during the National Planning Awards luncheon on Monday, April 4, 2016, emcee William Anderson, FAICP, called for a moment of silence to honor the passing of friends and colleagues since the Seattle conference.

Colleen Acres, AICP

Jeffrey Benson, AICP

Karl Brendle

Douglas Caruso

Patrick Cox, AICP

Dennis Elpern, AICP

Jan Hansen, AICP

Roger Hawk

Christopher Helmer

Gregory Hembree, AICP

William Hopkins

Joseph Horwedel, AICP

N. Jean, Ledford, AICP

Craig Marshall, AICP

Margarita P. McCoy, FAICP

Scot Mende, AICP

Gary Norris, AICP

Evan Rose

David Schweid, AICP

Parrish Strickland, AICP

Gerald Taylor, AICP

Sharon Wason, AICP

William Whitman, AICP

April 14, 2016