Get Free Food Systems Resources from APA

Working in a community garden. Photo by Flickr user Melissa Wall (CC BY-NC 2.0).

From rooftops to curbside trucks, communities are getting creative in increasing access to good food options. For a limited time through the end of July, enjoy a few of the food systems planning resources APA has to offer for free:

Hyperlocal Food

How local can you get? Read about "The Ten-Foot Diet: The Emerging Hyperlocal Food System" that has taken root in communities like Brooklyn, Chicago and Serenbe outside of Atlanta. From May's Planning magazine.

Food Partnerships for All

How can your community support local food production and distribution? Hear from experts who presented "Partnerships for Healthy Communities and Resilient Food Systems" at the 2016 APA National Planning Conference. Learn how they utilized community partnerships to implement a food systems initiative that increased access to healthy food for all residents.

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Other Resources

While these resources will be available for free during only the month of July 2016, APA has many more food systems planning resources available. Check out the ongoing planning initiative Plan4Health, or current projects being managed under APA's Planning and Community Health Center. You can also connect with other food systems planners via APA's Food Interest Group.

Logging CM Credit

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July 11, 2016