Closing Keynote NPC17: The Art of Loving Your City

"I'm going to talk a little about the human heart today," Peter Kageyama told a full house during NPC17's closing keynote speech.

Kageyama, senior fellow at the Alliance for Innovation and author of For the Love of Cities: The Love Affair Between People and Their Places, spoke about how planners can strengthen the affection between cities and their citizens. After all, "We are in a relationship with our places," he said.

Spotlighting interactive public art, Kageyama pointed to projects in New Orleans, Chicago, and Ludington, Michigan, where an artist was commissioned to design a paint-by-number mural residents could fill in. Kageyama called these techniques "love notes," ways for people to participate in placemaking and create a communal sense of pride and ownership.

It was a fitting way to close out our time in New York City, a famously adored — and adorned — place. Take a look at some of the love notes NPC17 attendees discovered while exploring our host city:


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Top image: Peter Kageyama delivering the NPC17 closing keynote. Photo by Joe Szurszewski.

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Lindsay Nieman is the assistant editor of Planning magazine.

May 9, 2017

By Lindsay Nieman