Introducing the APA Library E-book Collection

The history of the American Planning Association Library dates to 1938, when the American Society of Planning Officials joined the Merriam Center Library on the campus of the University of Chicago. Since then, APA has always had a library dedicated to collecting the best books and periodicals published on the planning profession and related topics.

However, with a library based in Chicago attempting to serve APA’s national membership, access has always been an issue, requiring members to make an appointment and travel to Chicago to use the resources.

That is why the APA Library is proud to announce the launch of the APA Library E-book Collection.

This collection of e-books is accessible to APA members from anywhere in the world, allowing them to select e-books and immediately read them on their computers, tablets, smartphones, or e-readers. The collection mirrors the range of topics included in the physical APA Library, covering the breadth of the planning profession in addition to subjects that impact how planners do their jobs.

What You Will Find in the Library

The APA Library E-book Collection includes new and classic books released by reputable publishers like Wiley, Island Press, the Urban Land Institute, and the MIT Press.

APA will also be using the E-book Collection to distribute historical primary sources that were taken from the APA Library and digitized for member access. This includes the full run of the National Planning Conference Proceedings dating back to 1909, a comprehensive set of City Planning magazine, and more.

Although the collection is nowhere near the size of the APA Library in terms of number of volumes, it will continue to grow as we purchase new titles and find additional historical resources to digitize.

How It Works

The APA Library E-book Collection is powered by OverDrive, the industry leader in digital distribution of e-books, audiobooks, and more, which serves more than 34,000 libraries and school partners around the world. If you have ever checked out an e-book or audiobook from your local public or school library, you have probably already used the OverDrive system, and the APA Library E-book Collection will function in the same way.

Members already have access to the E-book Collection as a new perk of membership. Go to to read more about the collection and get a link to the catalog. When you’re ready to check something out, simply log in with your APA ID or email and your APA password. E-books are returned automatically at the end of the two-week check-out period, so there are no late fees involved.

We are excited to finally have an APA Library that is truly accessible to APA members, and we hope that you enjoy the new E-book Collection.

About the Author
Nick Ammerman is APA's library and taxonomy manager.

May 16, 2017

By Nick Ammerman