APA Ambassador Makes Water Facts Fun in La Grange, Texas

In my role as an APA Ambassador, I approached Carolina Perales, assistant librarian at the La Grange County Library, about a program to help children and their parents learn more about water resources in the community of La Grange, Texas.

It just so happened that she had already chosen Amazing Water as the topic for the summer story hour on July 20!

I also interviewed our Assistant City Manager and Fire Marshal regarding the water sources and treatment facilities in our city.

A group of La Grange volunteers helps youth to prepare for a water cycle activity using Rainworks Invisible Spray. Photo by Diana Wilson.

The students gathered outside near the gazebo at the library to hear stories about animals that live in the ocean waters. APA staff provided me with an age appropriate graphic, which I used to explain the water cycle to those in attendance.

I also explained water resource planning in our community and suggested ways they could conserve water on a daily basis.

I prepared a garden stepping stone using a product from Rainworks Invisible Spray with a design that only shows when it rains. The children enjoyed pouring water over the stone to see the art appear and making stencils on the concrete picnic table slabs.

A young La Grange participant uses a watering can to activate a watering stencil. Photo by Diana Wilson.

Everyone is looking forward to visiting the library to see the street art appear the next time it rains. The library also provided materials to make small water globes, which everyone enjoyed. This was a fun outdoor activity on a hot summer day!

Top image: A LaGrange workshop volunteer displays a water cycle poster for "Amazing Water" day. Photo by Diana Wilson.

About the Author
Diana Wilson, AICP, a landscape architect and planner, is director of planning at Burditt Consultants in Conroe, Texas.

October 9, 2017

By Diana Wilson, AICP