Celebrate Careers in Planning

APA's Career Center resources can help members who want to learn more about planning career options, those who are comfortably on their personal career path, and others at a career crossroads.

Great Places Highlight Lots of Options

Year after year, the range of projects designated and celebrated as APA's Great Places in America underscores the wide variety of career opportunities available in the discipline of planning.

Planners come to the field with all types of academic degrees. Consider Ben Kerrick, a member of the Food Interest Group. His undergraduate degree was in theater arts but he now now works in food systems planning. His comfort with public speaking is one of the essential skills for planners. Turn to APA for tips on becoming a better public speaker and careers in food systems planning.

Discover more first-person accounts that illustrate the variety of planning career paths for new planners to career changers in our series of Planner Profiles interviews.

Careers in the First Person

If you're interested in planning for the built environment, listen to APA's podcast series, People Behind the Plans, hosted by APA member and small business owner Courtney Kashima, AICP. Podcasts feature planner-to-planner conversations between about work, life, ideas, and problem solving. Courtney brings out the best in each person she interviews.

Sample one of the podcasts:

Have a minute? Watch one of the Career Planning GPS videos. Each short clip from an APA member features a specific trend or topic, covers skills to develop, and offers tips for strategic career management.

Sample a video

Insights for New Planners

If you are just starting on your planning career, A Guide for the Idealist: Launching and Navigating Your Planning Career is essential reading. Author Richard Willson, FAICP, a professor in the Department of Urban and Regional Planning at Cal Poly Pomona, offers helpful insights on making good choices in critical steps of a career launch: addressing decision making, dealing with doubt, and choosing among types of work and work settings. He suggests ways to manage early professional practice based on a planning style of principled adaptability. Contact him Idealist@planning.org for answers to your planning career questions.

October 17, 2017

By Bobbie Albrecht