APA Releases Research Report, Policy Principles, Podcast Series on Autonomous Vehicles

The introduction of autonomous vehicles (AVs) can impact communities on a variety of fronts — land use, transportation planning, social equity, and the economy. Conversations about AVs are happening in communities large and small, urban and rural, and planners are uniquely positioned to address the impacts of today's actions on the communities of the future.

APA has released new resources to help planners prepare their communities for AVs: an in-depth research report, titled "Preparing Communities for Autonomous Vehicles," a set of policy principles to guide conversations around public policy, and a new podcast series, "Planning the Autonomous Future."

New Research

"Preparing Communities for Autonomous Vehicles" is the product of in-depth research, a symposium, and collaboration between APA and various partners. The report provides land use, transportation planning, and economic guidelines for addressing AVs.

AVs are likely to transform everything that they touch, from rights-of-way and land-use patterns to employment, and APA knows planners must be empowered to play an active role in guiding their development. Readers of the new research will learn about the need to plan for the potential benefits and negative impacts of AVs and what steps they can take now to prepare their communities.

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Policy Principles

AVs will have significant impacts on policies, legislation and regulations at the national, state, and local levels. APA's policy principles outline key areas planners and advocates should focus on to help shape federal programs and policies related to autonomous vehicles.

These 29 principles and 15 recommendations, which were approved by APA's Legislative and Policy Committee in January 2018, seek to guide the public policy debate on how to integrate AVs within the fabric of our communities.

Read APA's AV Policy Principles

New Podcast Series

"Planning the Autonomous Future" is a new podcast series from APA. The series will explore the many ways in which autonomous vehicle technology will impact cities and regions, mobility, and the planning profession. The podcast is hosted by Jennifer Henaghan, AICP, APA's deputy research director, and Kelley Coyner, cofounder of Mobility e3.

The first episode discusses the coming changes AVs will bring to cities, conversations from APA's AV Symposium, and the new research report detailed above.

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February 26, 2018

By Dustin Calliari