Diving in to Leadership With Purpose

As a leader, are you doing everything you can for your people?

Picture this: they do their jobs, and it’s fine. They complete their tasks on time. You wouldn’t complain about the quality of their work. And yet, you hear things: those who don’t know why they’re in planning anymore; those who feel like they don’t matter. They seem disengaged, or worse, bored.

Or this: they bubble over with excitement for their projects and careers. Some of them talk about planning as a vocation and feeling like they are exactly where they belong. You want to do everything you can maintain their enthusiasm.

Your people likely fall somewhere between extremes. How do you give them the push they need?

The Planning Leadership Institute

The Planning Leadership Institute is a day-long intensive workshop in its 13th year at the National Planning Conference. Join planning leaders and speakers and dive deep on topics such as:

Leading Deliberately: Explore the nature of leadership. Discuss what it means to be a leader in today’s rapidly-changing world.

Cultivating Engagement: Renew passion and purpose for yourself and others by connecting daily tasks to a sense of significance and belonging.

Strategies: Building and maintaining trust, managing change, and keeping perspective on your job.

Addressing Challenges: Techniques for crafting positive outcomes from both anticipated and unforeseen obstacles.

Balancing Competing Needs: Manage the complex and sometimes conflicting requirements of your staff, organization, elected officials, and the community.

Closing Discussion: Ask anything — especially those questions you haven’t found the right opening for yet.

This workshop is a “participation sport.” You will engage with and discuss scenarios and concepts with each other and the presenters. The PLI gives you the enormous benefit of diverse, engaged minds connecting over tough questions.

You’re going to get up, move around, and interact with everyone. You will leave with new tools and new ways of thinking that will benefit you and your team for the rest of your career.

What PLI Alumni Say

These promises sound big because they are big. Every PLI graduate we surveyed last year praised the Leadership Institute. One hundred percent of alumni said it prepared them to “do their job or perform their role better,” (78% “strongly agreed”, the rest “agreed”) and 100 percent said it met or exceeded expectations (74% exceeded, 26% met).

The Planning Leadership Institute is a can’t-miss opportunity for planning leaders in every phase of their career.

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Top image: Planning Leadership Institute training at the 2014 National Planning Conference in Atlanta. Photo by Joe Szurszewski.

About the Author
Molly Walsh is a marketing manager at APA.

April 6, 2018

By Molly Walsh