Latest Housing and Inclusive Growth Resources from APA

How to increase housing choice and affordability, and how to promote growth in an inclusive and equitable manner, has been on the top of planners’ minds across the country and at APA. Here’s the latest in housing and inclusive growth resources.

APA’s Housing Principles

Debuted at NPC18, APA released six policy principles concerned with housing that policy makers, planners, and developers can use to guide solutions to the nation’s housing crisis.

Planning Home

APA conceived Planning Home, an organization-wide initiative, to reshape the way planning is used to address America's housing affordability crisis. We challenge planners, developers, policy makers, and advocates to think bigger.

Fair Housing

In April, Planning took stock of progress (and lack of progress) made in the 50 years following enactment of the Fair Housing Act.

And in February, APA’s Planning Advisory Service published “Planning and Fair Housing.” This PAS QuickNotes publication provides an overview of local fair housing obligations under federal law and highlights three specific strategies for expanding fair housing access through local land-use policy.


Policy Developments at Federal, State, and Local Level

Policy developments and innovations on housing have been happening at all levels of government. If you missed it, catch up on:

  • The latest on the FY19 Omnibus spending bill and how it effects HUD, transportation planning, and other planning priorities
  • What has been happening in California, including the failure of the highly-watched bill, SB 827.
  • Legislative activity in Massachusetts, Wisconsin, Louisiana, and Tennessee and what it means for the country as a whole
  • Innovations in providing public housing in Seattle and King County, Washington…
  • And in Dallas, which passed its first ever comprehensive housing plan in May

Westlawn Gardens wins the 2018 HUD Secretary’s Opportunity & Empowerment Award

Westlawn Gardens, Wisconsin's largest public housing neighborhood, has transformed from an aged and stressed community into a vibrant, mixed-use and mixed-income neighborhood after an inclusive and participatory planning process. The project's innovation lies in its approach to financial, environmental, and social sustainability.

In recognition of this planning excellence, the project was awarded the HUD Secretary’s Opportunity & Empowerment Award at NPC18 in New Orleans.

Planning for Equity

APA served as the facilitator for a three-part blending learning series titled “Fostering Social Equity,” which included two free webinars and a dedicated session at NPC18. Read our recap of the discussion at NPC18 and look for the full series on APA Learn later this summer.

"Fostering Social Equity" panel at NPC18. From left, Cynthia Bowen, FAICP, Majestic Lane, Jess Zimbabwe, AICP, and Carlton Eley. Photo by PSAV.

APA members are currently working on developing a Planning for Equity Policy Guide. Catch up on their work and see how you can get involved.

Members-only and Subscription Resources from APA's Research Team

APA's Research KnowledgeBase and specialty publication Zoning Practice offer in-depth resources on topics surrounding housing and inclusive growth.

KnowledgeBase (members only)

Zoning Practice (non-subscribers may purchase issues)

Top image: Rowhomes in Westlawn Gardens, Milwaukee. Photo courtesy Torti Gallas and Partners Inc.

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