APA Leadership Retreat, July 2018

APA Leaders Chart the Course

Facilitator Glenn Tecker kicked off APA’s July leadership retreat by invoking psychologist Kurt Lewin’s maxim, “There are few things as practical as a good theory,” and explaining the theory of governance in associations.

Strategic Planning

During the three-day retreat in Chicago, members of the APA Board of Directors and AICP Commission, with support from APA senior staff, made progress toward adopting a real-time strategic planning model. With this approach, APA leaders and members will continually identify issues of strategic importance and charge task forces and work groups — composed of members, stakeholders, and subject matter experts — to find solutions based on study and analysis.

The Board and Commission also agreed on a process for assessing and evaluating requests to form new strategic partnerships.

Board Business Meeting

The Board heard reports from councils and committees. In particular, the Legislative and Policy Committee outlined the goals of APA’s Planning Home initiative as well as strategies for achieving them. Partnering with organizations like AARP will amplify our legislative efforts, while a robust digital presence will reach a wide range of audiences.

Commission Business Meeting and Work Sessions

The AICP Commission discussed issues related to its committees and work plans and made progress in evaluating the Certification Maintenance program. Coming soon are improvements to CM-event content requirements and partnership guidelines, among other aspects of the program.

August 7, 2018