APA Announces 2019 Legislative Agenda

APA announced today its 2019 legislative priorities that will guide all policy and advocacy action for the association throughout the year. The overarching objective is to advance federal policies and programs that create just, healthy and prosperous communities that expand opportunity for all.

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APA's 2019 Legislative Priorities focus on housing choice and affordability, inclusive growth and development, infrastructure, and healthy and safe communities.

APA’s legislative priorities are developed by the member-led Legislative and Policy Committee and approved by the Board of Directors. The priorities are informed by APA’s policy guides, which provide the foundation for APA’s advocacy outreach and represent the association’s position on issues integral to creating great communities for all.

Members can help advance APA’s legislative agenda by becoming part of the Planners’ Advocacy Network. Through the network, members receive exclusive training webinars, legislative updates, and action alerts to send to Congressional representatives. During the 115th Congress, planner engagement was key in securing several notable advocacy wins.

January 7, 2019