Brett Culp: Acclaimed Filmmaker, NPC19 Closing Speaker

The 2019 National Planning Conference wraps up with a stimulating keynote address from an inspiring individual who is able to “harness the positivity of the human experience and focus it on community-building and relationship-driven engagement.”

Filmmaker and nonprofit leader Brett Culp will deliver the NPC19 Closing Keynote on Tuesday, April 16, from noon to 1 p.m. CM | 1

Culp is founder of the not-for-profit The Rising Heroes Project, which supports charitable organizations and empowers community leaders around the world. He is known for the films Legends of the Knight and his latest, Look to the Sky, both of which explore the power of heroic stories and heroic individuals that inspire us to believe in a better tomorrow.

Passionate, energetic, and engaging, Culp encourages audiences to find the superhero within and to forge their own path to “everyday leadership.”

His insights on connecting individuals to an organization's mission and goals resonate with nearly everyone, helping people to realize their own passions, discover their personal and business potential, and renew a collective sense of hope for the future and the belief that community efforts can make an impact, both large and small.

Culp's compelling message and inspiring example of empowerment and leadership will send you home ready and eager to put lessons learned at NPC19 to work in your community.

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Top image: Filmmaker and nonprofit leader Brett Culp will deliver the Closing Keynote at the 2019 National Planning Conference. Photo courtesy

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April 5, 2019

By Nicole Smith