Daniel Burnham Forum on Big Ideas

Emerging Trends/Future of Planning Task Force

On October 1, 2012, APA President Mitchell Silver, AICP announced the appointment of a task force of thought leaders from a diverse array of backgrounds to address the emerging trends in the field and the future of planning.

The task force's charge is to identify the top emerging trends that will impact America's communities from the present through the next several decades, as well as the ways in which planning is changing and needs to change. The task force will recommend ways the association and our members can be most effective in meeting the challenges of the future.

APA will ask members and non-members to submit their "big ideas" to address the emerging trends as well as other issues or trends not listed by the task force. The Task Force, in partnership with APA staff, will solicit ideas widely, including consultation of attendees at the several national, regional, and online forums to be scheduled through the late fall and early winter.

Ideas will be submitted as digital papers, illustrations, or videos. APA will sometimes offer incentives or awards to generate more interest and enthusiasm.

The task force will review and categorize big ideas obtained through the forums as well as recommendations from the Elected Officials Task Force as to the role of planners over the next 10 to 20 years. The task force will present its findings at the APA National Planning Conference.

Task Force Roster

Eugenie L. Birch, FAICP

APA Leadership
Jason Beske, AICP (Divisions Council)
Phil Farrington, AICP (AICP Commission)
Lauren Driscoll (Chapter Presidents Council)
Rodger Lentz, AICP (APA Board)
Mitchell Silver, AICP (ex officio)*

Academic/Practitioner Thought Leaders
Thomas J. Campanella (University of North Carolina)
David Y. Hsu (University of Pennsylvania)
Emil Malizia, FAICP (University of North Carolina)
Diana Mendes, AICP (AECOM)
Dowell Myers (University of Southern California)
David Siegel, FAICP (David Evans and Associates, Inc.)
Fritz Steiner (University of Texas at Austin)
June Thomas, FAICP (University of Michigan)

Task Force Staff
Mike Welch, Director of Leadership and Component Services