#e.24592 Thursday 9:00AM to Friday 3:00PM
October 10-11, 2013
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Frederick Law Olmsted Jr.: Inspirations for the 21st Century: A Two-Part Symposium

American Planning Association
Washington, DC

Twentieth-century landscape architect. Environmental planner. Formative figure in American city and regional planning. The work of Frederick Law Olmsted Jr. continues to inspire and shape 21st Century parks, planning and professional practice. Join the National Association for Olmsted Parks and its partners as we present a multidisciplinary, two-part symposium on the legacy of Frederick Law Olmsted Jr. The symposium will explore the continued relevance of and inspirations from his visionary work and leadership as we seek to address contemporary challenges in landscape architecture, preservation and planning. The most comprehensive presentations to date of the full scope of Frederick Law Olmsted Jr.’s lasting legacy, the symposium will bring together thought leaders, historians, public agency representatives and professionals in city, regional and environmental planning, landscape architecture and design. Participants will explore how Olmsted’s designs, writings, organizational leadership, and visionary and politically shrewd collaborations offer insights and models for solving complex contemporary issues. - See more at: http://www.olmsted.org/events/frederick-law-olmsted-jr-symposia/symposium-information-and-registration#sthash.Q8BVQcEI.dpuf

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#a.176750 Friday October 11, 9:00AM to 3:00PM

Bus/Walking Tour: Frederick Law Olmsted Jr.'s Enduring Influence on Washington D.C. — Open to Symposium Attendees Only

CM | 2.00

In 1901, Congress appointed Frederick Law Olmsted Jr. to the Senate Park Commission, formed by Senator James McMillan to plan a comprehensive park system for t ... more

#a.176742 Thursday October 10, 10:45AM to 12:15PM

Frederick Law Olmsted Jr. and the American City—Panel Session

CM | 1.00

•In the early 20th century the city itself became Frederick Law Olmsted Jr.’s focus of inquiry and activity as he took a leadership role in the emergent profes ... more

#a.176744 Thursday October 10, 2:05PM to 3:35PM

Frederick Law Olmsted Jr.: Nature, People and Places—Panel Session

CM | 1.50

•Desiring not to separate the park from activities of the city or place Frederick Law Olmsted Jr. designed landscapes to be assimilated into the built environm ... more

#a.176752 Thursday October 10, 1:15PM to 1:45PM

Keynote on Frederick Law Olmsted Jr. in the Context of Landscape Architecture

CM | 0.50

Keynote on Frederick Law Olmsted Jr. in the Context of Landscape Architecture ... more

#a.176727 Thursday October 10, 9:00AM to 9:30AM

Opening Keynote

CM | 0.50

This lecture will explore the vital role that Frederick Law Olmsted, Jr. played as a bridge between the field of landscape architecture and the American urban ... more

#a.176729 Thursday October 10, 9:30AM to 10:30AM

Park Systems and Provision of Public Space

CM | 1.00

Frederick Law Olmsted Jr. and the Park System of the Nation’s Capital: Timothy Davis, PhD, Lead Historian for Park Historic Structures & Cultural Landscapes Pr ... more

#a.176748 Thursday October 10, 3:45PM to 5:15PM

The Politics of Planning—Panel Session

CM | 1.50

•Frederick Law Olmsted Jr. lived in an era of big plans, and his legacy lies in the large-scale accomplishments that still define so many of our landscapes. Ou ... more