#e.24700 Tuesday 5:30PM to 6:30PM
October 22, 2013
CM | 1.00

Tuesdays at APA-Chicago: The Speculative City

American Planning Association
Chicago, IL

Free event

Despite the planning profession’s origins in visionary thinking about the future of our cities, many contemporary planning practitioners are mired in the political battles of today and, therefore, can feel disconnected from the idea of imagining how the cities of tomorrow may have different needs and functions than the cities of today.

According to architect and urban designer Marshall Brown, from the Illinois Institute of Technology, future cities will be rooted in but not beholden to current realities. The cities of the future will likely be “mash-ups,” recombining and repurposing infrastructure and design features. Brown will discuss his recent projects, including proposals for reimaging Chicago’s Circle Center, and share ideas about American cities and their futures.

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Marshall Brown

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