#e.24901 Friday 8:00AM to Saturday 3:00PM
November 8-9, 2013
CM | 14.00

PTS Workshop: Tackling the Challenges of Vacant Properties

American Planning Association
Chicago, IL

Vacant properties are everybody's problem. They blight neighborhoods, reduce property values, foster crime and disease, and never seem to go away.

Coming to closure on vacancies is a challenge for planners in older cities, inner-ring suburbs, even small towns and rural areas. How can you meet the challenge of vacancies in your community? Come to this invigorating new workshop and see how cities and towns across the country are handling the problem. You'll pick up fresh ideas plus the tools you need to turn vacant properties into community assets.

You'll learn about:

• Overcoming legal hurdles to dealing with vacancies
• Motivating owners to get their properties in shape
• Deciding when to fix up and when to tear down
• Leveraging vacancies for economic development
• Linking vacancies to neighborhood revitalization
• Using vacancies to create green infrastructure, urban agriculture, open space, and more

Workshop and Hotel Location

Hyatt Regency Chicago
151 E. Wacker Dr.
Chicago, IL 60601

Hotel Reservation Deadline: October 4, 2013


Email: confregistration@planning.org
Phone: 312-786-6397


Alan Mallach FAICP

Joseph Schilling

Terry Schwarz AICP

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