#e.25065 Wednesday 4:00PM to 5:30PM
January 15, 2014
CM | 1.50

APA Audio/Web Conference: Administering Zoning Codes

American Planning Association

Congratulations! Your community has adopted a new zoning code. Now you have to figure out how to administer it. In this program, veteran planning managers will discuss common implementation challenges that accompany major zoning reform efforts. How do you provide enough flexibility to accommodate creative development without undermining the new code's vision and intent?

Hear about implementing form-based codes, hybrids, and other contemporary zoning tools aimed at fixing the ills of conventional Euclidean zoning. Explore the vital role of zoning in local plan implementation and gain practical insight into administrative issues.


Email: education@planning.org


Luciana L. Gonzalez

Jason Wittenberg AICP

Natalie Shieh AICP

Jim Schwab AICP

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