#e.25077 Wednesday 4:00PM to 5:30PM
June 25, 2014
CM | 1.50

APA Audio/Web Conference: 2014 Planning Law Review

American Planning Association

In this annual review, planning attorneys assess the impacts on planning of U.S. Supreme Court, federal district court, and state court decisions. Topics will range from First Amendment issues to environmental actions, and from housing to equal access. Panelists also will discuss APA's amicus filings and significant legislative actions. The program website contains links to or copies of all cases discussed and suggestions for further reading. It's a lively, highly informative program that you and your staff, colleagues, and officials won't want to miss.

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Email: education@planning.org


Alan C. Weinstein

Deborah Rosenthal AICP

Bruce Kramer

Michael Allan Wolf

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