#e.25403 Thursday 8:00AM to Friday 3:00PM
February 20-21, 2014
CM | 14.00

PTS Workshop: Sustainable Zoning and Development Controls

American Planning Association
San Diego, CA

Can sustainable zoning save the world? Come to San Diego and see what sustainable development codes can do for your community, the country, and the planet.

Join a conversation about energy conservation. Learn how good planning can boost food security. Explore climate change, legal issues, and the politics of sustainability. How green is your planning? Find out in a hands-on exercise on sustainable code audits. You'll come away inspired, informed, and ready to make your part of the world a greener place.

You'll learn about:

Laying a defensible foundation for a sustainable code
Saving energy and tapping alternative energy sources
Cultivating urban agriculture and growing food security
Adapting to climate change and addressing natural hazards
Keeping current with sustainability legislation and case law
Confronting the politics of adopting a sustainable code
Measuring the costs and benefits of a greener future

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Christopher Duerksen

James Duncan FAICP

Craig Richardson

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