AICP Application Tips

Read our tips designed to give you a smooth certification experience.


Before applying for certification, read the AICP Guide Part 1: Certification Application. Learning about your eligibility requirements and verifying your education and employment equips you with information to meet the requirements, helping you to prepare a successful application.


It pays to apply early: If you submit your planning experience essays during the expedited review period and your essays are denied, you can address the issues and re-submit in the same window. This opportunity is available only for expedited applicants, so make sure to submit your planning experience essays by the deadline.


Streamlined Employment Verification Requirements! APA no longer requires a letter from your employer. You provide your employment information, along with a detailed summary of your planning responsibilities for each position, directly within the AICP Application. See AICP Guide Part 1: Certification Application for more information.


Acceptable ways to verify your education history include:

  • Copy of diploma (notarized copy no longer required)
  • University transcript (must show degree conferral date)
  • Letter from the university confirming your degree and graduation date on letterhead.


A complete job history is not required. Focus on providing specific experience that meets the minimum eligibility requirements.


Internship experience can count toward meeting the experience requirements as long as the internship was not part of course work for a grade and the work experience meets the criteria for professional planning experience.


Part-time professional planning experience can count toward meeting experience requirements. Simply prorate that experience into a full-time equivalent. Similarly, persons working full time, but devoting a portion of their time to another field, may also prorate that experience into a full-time equivalent.


Volunteer planning experience can also count toward professional planning experience requirements. Volunteer planning experience must comprise substantive planning activities (e.g., research and data collection, report writing, presentations), and a summary of your experience must be summarized in the AICP Application.