AICP Certification Exam Guide

The AICP Exam Guide is a downloadable PDF document that contains all the information you need to apply for and take the AICP Certification Exam.

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General Information

  • American Planning Association
  • AICP Certified Planners
  • Prometric

Introduction to the AICP Certification Exam

AICP Certification Eligibility Requirements

Application Process

  • Application Process Overview
  • Early-Bird Application Window
  • Application Lifespan (Returning Applicants)
  • Incomplete Applications
  • Denied Applications
  • Important Information for Previously Denied Applicants
  • Appeals
  • Candidates Outside of the United States and Canada
  • Additional Application Information
  • Application Status Key
  • Lapsed AICP Members
  • Demonstrating Professional Planning Experience on the Application
  • Does My Experience Qualify?
  • General Instructions
  • Professional Planning Experience Criteria
    • Criterion 1
    • Criterion 2
    • Criterion 3
  • Part Time Experience
  • Non-Traditional Professional Planning Experience
  • Experience in Related Fields or Professions

Verifications of Employment And Education

  • Employment Verification Letters
  • Education Verifications

Application Tips

Scheduling Test Appointments

  • Test Center Locations
  • Where to Take the Examination
  • Scheduling Your Examination Appointment

Transfers and Appointment Changes

  • Changes to Your Test Appointment (within the same exam window)
  • Transfers to the Next Exam Window
  • No Show Policy
  • If You Never Schedule an Appointment
  • Refunds

Day of Exam

  • Identification Requirements
  • Acceptable Differences in ID
  • At the Test Center
  • Testing Procedures
  • Computer-based Examination Tutorial
  • Reporting Test Center Irregularities
  • Some Notes on Computer-based Testing
  • Examination Logistics
  • Exit Survey
  • Candidate Misconduct

Scoring the Examination

  • Score Validity Review
  • Score Reports
  • Diagnostic Scores
  • Equating
  • Scaling
  • Reliability
  • Standard Error of Measurement
  • If You Have a Complaint
  • If You Retake the Examination
  • AICP Membership & Dues

Applicant Criterion Response Checklist