Become an AICP Member

You've Taken the Exam. What Happens Now?

Your Exam Score

You will receive an Official Score Report as soon as you complete the computerized AICP Certification Exam. Scores are reported on a scale of 25–75, and 55 is the passing score. The score you receive is final.

You can access a copy of your score report at You will need your exam confirmation number to view the report.

If You Passed the Exam

Congratulations! You're almost an AICP member. APA will email you a prorated invoice for AICP dues that puts you on the same billing cycle as your APA dues.

When APA has received and processed your dues payment, you will be an AICP member in good standing and may begin using the AICP designation and earning Certification Maintenance credits.

If you pay your dues within two months of the invoice, APA will send you a welcome packet that includes your AICP certificate, lapel pin, and important information about AICP membership, including Certification Maintenance requirements. If more than two months elapse before you pay your dues, you must contact us using our customer service form and request a welcome packet. APA will not send it automatically.

If you need a letter from APA affirming you are an AICP member in good standing, email a request using our customer service form after you pay your AICP dues.

You may not use the AICP designation until you are an AICP member in good standing.

If you do not pay your initial AICP Dues within one year of the invoice date, you will have to retake and pass the AICP Certification exam to restart the process to become AICP.

If You DID NOT PASS the Exam

If you intend to retake the exam:

  • If APA approved your original certification application within the previous five testing cycles, you may register your intent to retake the exam the next time it is administered.
  • If APA did not approve your original certification application within the previous five testing cycles, you must submit a new application and resubmit verifications of your education and employment.

If you did not keep your exam appointment

Unless you canceled your appointment with Prometric AND requested a transfer by the transfer deadline, you will forfeit the exam fee. See the AICP Exam Guide Part 2: Taking the Exam for details of the appointment cancellation policy.

Certification Maintenance

AICP's Certification Maintenance continuing education program helps planners gain the knowledge and skills they need to remain current in the practice of planning. CM is required of all AICP members. In order to maintain the AICP credential, members must acquire a specified minimum number of hours of CM-eligible education in a two-year reporting period. There are special requirements for education in planning law and ethics.

The first CM reporting period for new AICP members begins on January 1 of the year after they become AICP members in good standing. These rules apply to new members' initial acquisition of CM credits:

  • They may claim up to 16 credits for CM-eligible education acquired after they became AICP members in good standing and before the first reporting period began on January 1 of the following year; however
  • They may not claim CM credits to fulfill the special requirements for planning law or ethics; and
  • They may not claim CM credits for continuing education acquired before they became AICP members in good standing.

AICP College of Fellows

Aim high and aspire to election to the College of Fellows — the highest honor AICP bestows on its members. The distinguished planners who have been elected to the College are profiled on the FAICP webpage.