The purpose of this manual is to orient you to your new role as your chapter's Planning Official Development Officer and to provide information on materials that are available to help you with your job.

Your primary APA staff contact is:

Lynn Jorgenson
Leadership Affairs
American Planning Association
205 N. Michigan Ave.
Suite 1200
Chicago, IL 60601
(P) 312-786-6721
(F) 312-786-6700

Letter of Welcome

Involving Planning Officials Manual

This manual serves as a handy reminder of existing APA materials and resources. You will receive calls on how to train planning commissioners and members of zoning boards of appeal, and your job will be to know what is available and where to send people for information. While you are encouraged to develop programs on your own, your role as an information source is also very important.

Role and Responsibilities of the Planning Official Development Officer

Planning Official Training

National Conference
Planners Book Service
Chapter Programs and Products

Membership Recruitment

Sample Materials from APA

Involving Planning Officials

Involvement Approaches
Role of the Planning Official

Role as a Chapter Resource

Communication with PODOs and Members

The Commissioner newsletter
Planning Commissioners Journal