Planning Official Training

The national APA offices support your efforts in a number of ways. APA publishes a newsletter that is sent to all planning official members. We are also here to help you, answer questions and provide assistance as you develop this effort within the chapter. Further, in cooperation with the chapter presidents and the board committee, staff will provide ongoing orientation and training for PODOs.

Planning Official Advisory Committee

You will be assisted by a committee appointed by the APA Board of Directors called the Planning Officials Advisory Committee. The names, phone numbers, and addresses of the committee members are included in this manual.

These committee members serve as the voice of planning officials within the APA leadership. In addition, the committee oversees the development of the national program for planning officials, called the Planning Commissioners Service. This committee helped develop the orientation workshops for PODOs held at the APA National Conference. Feel free to contact any member of the committee with your questions. As the committee members are regionally selected, you may wish to develop a rapport with your regional committee member.

APA National Planning Conference

The National Planning Conference is held in the spring of each year in a different city. Contained within the conference program is a track devoted to planning commissioner training. Each year, APA offers three core introductory workshops and a variety of other workshops on subjects ranging from signs to impact fees to visioning. We hope you will attend the national conferences, but if you are not able to you may order audio recordings from past conferences that may be suitable for your training purposes.

APA's sells a wide array of training materials from books to manuals to videos.

Chapter Programs and Products

Many chapters have developed strong training programs. Some training is a stand-alone course and some is integrated into chapter and regional conferences.

Audio/Web Conference

Live Audio/Web Conference Training