Opportunities and Markets in China

Serving the interests of APA members is one of the priorities of APA's China Program.

As a subordinate entity of the American Planning Association with wide experience working with Chinese public and private sectors in urban planning, APA China would like to help more American planning and designing firms to expand their businesses in Chinese market.

Assisted by the $586 billion stimulus package, China is gradually stepping out of the global financial crisis. Most of the stimulus money has been invested in China's infrastructure and urban construction, which creates great opportunities and markets for American firms to explore.

How APA China can help American firms in China:

Search Engine

By using the comprehensive search engine on APA China's Chinese website, American firms will have easy access to all levels of Chinese government and authorities' websites that are relevant to urban planning, policy making, and design competition agendas.

Overcome Language Difficulties

We realize that language and lack of knowledge are the top difficulties for American firms that want to succeed in the Chinese market. APA China would like to be the mediator providing necessary services, including planning topic searching, RFP summarizing, document translation, information analysis, and translation analysis.

Assistance in Design Competitions

Choosing plans through design competitions is a Chinese procedure that is different from American way of planning. In order to enter the Chinese market, American firms need to be familiar with this type of competition. APA China can assist American firms in this process.

Facilitating Business Connection

Building business connection is crucial in the success of a foreign company in China. APA China has helped several American planning firms, including HOK and WRT, to establish various forms of connections in China and we are hoping to continue this tradition to help more American firms.