Since 1996, APA has collaborated on demonstration projects. The first project was a thorough investigation and study of the management of China's arable lands and the use of land and water, done in cooperation with the Chinese Ministry of Land and Natural Resources and the United Nations Development Program (UNDP).

APA's goal is to help create plans that:

  • best serve a city's future
  • set a good example in terms of city planning at large
  • create a new trend in the planning process, urban design philosophy, or problem-solving tools

APA also co-drafted, with the China Academy of Urban Planning, check-up systems to examine the proficiency of certified planners in China. In 1999, APA and the Regional Planning Association created a plan for the Shanghai Pudong Huamu Area.

In 2000, APA and the Chinese Mayors Association started the Mayors Forum to promote exchange between mayors. In 2002, with the assistance of the Nanjing Planning Bureau, APA conducted research on the historic preservation of ancient capitals. APA also invited Professor Grover Mouton III to collaborate with the Nanjing Planning Bureau on the master plan for Menxi, Nanjing.

Completed demonstration projects include:

Ongoing projects include:

  • Nanjing Liuhe District Longpao Town Conceptual Urban Design
  • Nanjing Liuhe District Golden Ox Lake Town Strategic Plan
  • TengChong Village Conservation and Economic Strategy

Project Reports

APA wishes to acknowledge the U.S. Department of Commerce, International Trade Administration, for its support on these two projects.

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