City Parks Forum Case Studies

APA's City Parks Forum project began has been fortunate to play a role in helping people better their communities through urban parks.

The stories below began as case problems identified by our mayoral fellows at one of our six symposia. Using our program faculty expertise, grant funding, and most of all, considerable community resources, our grantees have addressed their park challenges in a variety of ways. Common to all their efforts, though, are the themes of public-private partnerships, community engagement, leadership support, and using parks to address other urban challenges.

The City Parks Forum salute the vision and tireless effort of these communities and hope these projects can serve as examples for others.

Making a Difference

Alexandria, Virginia

Windmill Hill Park Design

Madison, Wisconsin

Penn Park Renovation

Allentown, Pennsylvania

Buck Boyle Park

Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Kilbourn Park and the Milwaukee Riverfront

Buffalo, New York

Graffiti Cleanup Program

Minneapolis, Minnesota

Peavey Park Community Listening and Visioning Project

Charlotte, North Carolina

Little Sugar Creek Greenway

Nashville, Tennessee

Park Plan for Bell's Bend

Eugene, Oregon

Santa Rosa Park Expansion

New Orleans, Louisiana

Kid's Café Pocket Park

Fort Worth, Texas

Trinity Trails Wayfinding System

Orlando, Florida

Parramore Park Development

Honolulu, Hawaii

Central Oahu Regional Park Tennis Facility

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Nine Mile Run Stewardship Model

Jackson, Mississippi

Jackson Metro Parkway and Lake Hico

Reno, Nevada

Special Events Plaza

Kansas City, Kansas

Rosedale Arch Site Improvements

Rochester, New York

Cemetery Viability Project — Hope for Mount Hope

Lincoln, Nebraska

Greenprint Plan Challenge

Salt Lake City, Utah

Pioneer Park Revitalization

Louisville, Kentucky

Portland Wharf: Memory, Landscape, and the Ghostly Grid

Toledo, Ohio

International Park Design Charrette

Macon, Georgia

Village Green Playground and Park Redevelopment

Virginia Beach, Virginia

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