AICP Certification Maintenance Updates

Equity and Sustainability and Resilience

Certification Maintenance provides AICP-certified planners with professional development opportunities and ensures that the certification — and the planners who hold it — remains relevant in a rapidly changing field.

As part of its 10-year evaluation of the CM program, the AICP Commission has approved updates, introducing two new mandatory credits in addition to the mandatory Law and Ethics credits.

The two new mandatory credits will be Equity and a targeted topic, Sustainability and Resilience. All mandatory CM credits, including existing Law and Ethics credits, will be 1 CM each. (This will be a reduction in the current Law and Ethics requirements of 1.5 CM each, to be implemented when the new credits are introduced.) The total number of required CM credits will remain 32 credits per two-year reporting period.

The new credits will be introduced January 1, 2022.

Two task forces will be established to develop the criteria for each of the new credits and resources to support CM providers, beginning winter 2020, for delivery of the final criteria by January 2021. This will allow time for CM Providers to develop new opportunities and evaluate existing education, ensuring AICP members will have many options available to fulfill the new requirements once they are introduced.