Administering a CM Event

What you need to know before, during, and after.

Planning ahead maximizes the success of and minimizes the time and resources spent administrating your CM event. To help plan, consider the following at each step in the process.

Before the Event

Use the CM template for gathering information

Filling out the template saves time and ensures you gather the proper information.

Select a point of contact

The "point of contact" for the provider organization is responsible for the proper administration of registered CM activities as well as recording and maintaining the attendance records of AICP members.

Ensure the substantive content of the event is complete

Once an event is registered for CM credit, the substantive content of the event cannot be altered. If substantial changes in content are made, the event must be re-registered as a new event.

Select an evaluation mechanism

CM providers are required to use evaluation mechanisms to assess each event — but not each individual session — for quality and relevance to its purpose or objectives. Download a sample.

Select a mechanism for recording attendance

Each CM event must include a mechanism of recording attendance for each AICP member, such as a registration list of attendees or a sign-in sheet. From time to time APA will audit provider records. If your event (e.g. conference) has several activities, one registration list will suffice — for example, providers are not required to have sign-in sheets at each session, but should retain a master list of all registrants.

Providers should maintain verification records for two years should the provider be audited. Download a sample sign-in sheet.

Register your event

Get instructions on registering a CM event. Remember, the approval process takes up to three weeks.

Promote your event

Get instructions on branding and publicizing a CM event. Please remember to register early. CM Branding cannot be used in promotions unless the event has been approved.

During the Event

Keep a registration log

Maintain paper or electronic copies of event registration.

Distribute and collect event evaluations

Remember to obtain an evaluation from each participant.

Notify your attendees on how to register CM credit in their event log

CM staff recommends you provide instructions for logging CM credits at your event, to minimize questions at a later date. Download a sample of these instructions.

Following the Event

Maintain the registration log and evaluations for two years

CM staff may occasionally conduct an audit of CM activities. Copies of registration and evaluations will be required.

Check your provider dashboard

The provider dashboard allows you to see member ratings and comments about your events and activities.